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I am currently writing from the couch – Max is home with me today because his “other Mommy” is sick with the stomach flu. I’ve been on my own since Saturday (P had a robotics thing this weekend, which included being away overnight) – so we are having a bit of a movie morning. I think we will go to a museum or Ikea or something in a bit. Maybe the bookstore as Max is totally into books right now. My massive to-do list is just not getting done again today. At least I got the laundry done….

Since P was away all weekend, Max and I watched lots of sports this weekend. P is not really into watching sports, except the Olympics, so we rarely have any kind of sports on the television. Except when there is some track and field stuff on though. In the past I *may* have rescheduled a camping trip to fit with track and field watching 🙂

On Saturday we watched Meghann from Meals and Miles (and her brother and sister!) complete her first Ironman! We saw her go by on the bike in the swim to bike transition and followed her via tracking for the rest of the day. It was interesting watching everyone on the Ironman cams – lots of smiling faces! We went to Kanata for a bit in the evening, but came back to watch the finish line cameras. Max was exhausted, so he went to bed early and this Mom grabbed a drink and watched the finish line of Iron Man Florida for the rest of the evening.

photo 2 (1)


Not going to line – may have teared up a bit watching the athletes coming in. This coach gets just about much thrill watching and cheering on people as I do from running my own events. Every time one of my student-athletes has made it to OFSAA (high school provincials) I have cried a bit (very secretively though!). It gets very intense at the big track meets – I’m very glad that no one records the coaches and what they do when their athletes race.

On Sunday, it was New York City Marathon time! Finally, ESPN/SportsNet had coverage of the event – so we were treated to HD coverage of the race. We watched from 9am til noon – although I did put Elmo on the iPad at one point. Max did run up to the TV several times yelling “Go Go Go!” and clapping. You think he has been to a track meet or two?

photo 3

Watching the elites run marathons is insane. They move so fast! At the end, it looked like Geoffrey Mutai was sprinting the last couple of KM’s. At one point I saw a spectator try to keep up with the elites on the sidewalk. He was running so fast, but only made it a couple of blocks before he stopped running. Hilarious!

It was great to see the whole race televisions – which gave me a way to see the NYC Marathon course, which is kind of important.


Because this is the marathon I will be tackling next year

I am eligible for guaranteed entry in 2014 because I am applied for the marathon in 2011, 2012, and 2013 and did not get a spot via the lottery. This is the last year they are doing this – so I am going to take advantage of the program to run a bucket list race. I won’t be able to register for another month though – still kind of paranoid that for whatever reason I won’t be able to enter (I have all my emails/confirmations from the past 3 lotteries).

So my clues from Three Things Thursday:

“Baby Talk is Cheap” – A Sex and the City episode title. SATC is a NYC based show and this particular episode, Miranda was training for the marathon and met “marathon man”

Five – I will be running through all five boroughs of NYC

The Picture – A tree in Central Park that I took in 2008


Some of you did get it! Good job!

I will be posting about my thoughts and some FAQ regarding signing up for a marathon.

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. Kristi

    So excited for you to do the NYC marathon! I was pretty sure that was the race you were hinting at but I couldn’t figure out how you would know already that you were doing it. Totally forgot about the fact you can get in if you have tried three times to get in through the lottery. Very exciting!!!

  2. Amy

    Woo-Hoo on NYC! COngrats on getting in (finally!) and taking advantage of it! Can’t wait to follow your training for it (even though it is a year away…).

  3. K

    Whoohoo! Good for you!


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