2 hr Drive to Work? Get out of here!

The post title is no joke – it did take me about 2 hours to get to work this morning (including a daycare drop-off). It snowed overnight in Ottawa and was still snowing at 7:30am. Apparently all the snow plows slept in and people forgot that they lived in a winter environment so traffic was at a standstill. I live in a suburb of Ottawa and there is really only three ways to get to the centre of town: Innes Road, St. Joseph/Montreal Road or the highway. There is a Greenbelt area that cuts Orleans off from the rest of the city as well as a River – so when traffic is backed up on all three routes, you just have to grin and bear it (or have a dance party in your car like me!).

I left the house at 7:40am and did not get to school til 9:40am. I do not even work downtown! All I have to do is get to St. Laurent Blvd which is the second major road exit from Orleans. Normally my drive is about 20-25 minutes in the morning and 15 or so in the afternoon. Crazy! You can bet that I am high-tailing it out of the building today! No need to get stuck in traffic again.



(It is a tea day for sure!)


In terms of running – there has barely been any in the last week. I’ve been very busy with school, coaching (both track and basketball) and with finishing up my final presentation and project for grad school. Any extra time I’ve had lately has been spent working on that paper! But – I finished all my work required for this course, so I am free!  Coaching basketball is done as well – track still has a couple of weeks to go. Anyways, it isn’t like I haven’t been doing anything active – I’ve been coaching every lunch hour and on Friday I played in a staff vs. students basketball game. Of course I was the only girl playing (?!?). The staff had no extra players for subs – which meant I was playing the entire time. We won, but not before I was smoked in the head with a ball (too high of a pass). It hurt something awful, but no broken nose! Getting hit in the head happens way too often with me….

We had a tournament on Thursday at another school. It was a great afternoon spent with the girls. We had two teams – one was a more experienced team, while one was brand new to the sport of basketball. The experienced team won first place in the tournament. The new team learned quite a bit – they were really getting into the game after the first couple of games. Everyone had fun and everyone missed a day of school (YAY!).

photo 3 (2)


Hope your Monday’s are going well!

What did you do this weekend?

Do you bake Christmas Cookies?

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  1. Nicole

    Ugh that was me last week! On the awful winter days I’m glad I take the train in, even though i still have a 15 minute drive to the station. On the news today there were reports of accidents everywhere and it’s now blizzarding so it’s going to be another nice drive home. Hubby probably won’t get home until 8pm again. Winter sucks!

    Ouch- hope your head is ok! I never liked sports with balls involved since I always seemed to get hit in the head also!

    Yes, we usually bake Christmas cookies. We are behind on our baking this year but hopefully we will find time to make a few more things. I don’t want to make too much or else I will eat it though!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Today was just crazy and there wasn’t that much snow! A few weeks ago we had over 15cm (almost 20cm) and it was so much easier than today! Today’s snow was like 5cm?!?

  2. Michelle @ 3cheaprunners

    I ran in our local Santa Shuffle…and it was frreeeezing!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Nice! I wanted to do one of those races this year – but couldn’t get out 🙁


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