Draft of 2014 Race Calendar

There are only a few weeks left of 2013 – which means only one thing:

Time to plan the 2014 Running Season! 

Right? Right???

So because of the marathon news, my race season has altered quite a bit from the usual 5K plan. This upcoming year is all about gearing up to bigger distances and moving out of my comfort zone. I will still do some races because they are a tradition for me – but some will remain at 5K, while some will move up to 10K or halfs. I will also say goodbye to a couple of races (Rattle me Bones is one) due to scheduling or cost reasons. NYC Marathon is pricey – so I cannot do every race that sets me back $100. I’m pretty sure the MEC Race Series will be my best friend in the summer!

Potential Races for 2014


March 15 – St. Patricks Day Race – 5K (*Only if I am not away at a track meet)

I ran the St. Patrick’s Day race last year and had a great time despite the cold weather. It is a fun race that involves running in a costume! So why wouldn’t I do it? It is also fairly affordable and the route is flat. Because this race will be my first race of the year – we shall stick to the 5K distance.


May 10 – Day before Mother’s Day 5K

This race is a tradition for me. I’ve placed top 3 in my age group for 3 years in a row in the 5K and plan on doing it again in 2014. My racing pride is kind of on the line, so I am hesitant on running the 10K distance, even though it would probably be a good idea before the half marathon a couple of weeks later. We will see…


May 25 – Ottawa Race Weekend – Half Marathon

After four years, I will be racing on the Sunday of Ottawa Race Weekend and not the Saturday evening. Because of peer pressure, I signed up for the half marathon. I will be running with Kristi and a few of my friends (including the hot mama’s who ran the Army Run Half with me in 2012). I am determined to run a pretty massive PB and go sub-2:00. But to do that, I should probably stop eating the Oreos and get on running!


June 21 – Emilies Run – 5K

Another tradition for me. Last year I was unable to run because of a scheduling conflict, but I would really like to run the race again. This race is only a 5K and is super fast! This will be my 5K PB attempt (goal of sub 25) – but after this race I will be scaling back the speed and working on distance.

Summer – All the MEC Road Races (Dates TBD)

The MEC dates are not available yet – but I will be trying to go to all of them. At $15 a pop they are really affordable! I will be running mostly 10K’s at this point, maybe a half towards the end of the summer. My only worry is that the 10K and half results have been very fast (for me) – with the last road race all the 10K people but 2 were sub-1:00. So I am bit worried about being left behind.


September 21 – Canada Army Run – Half Marathon

I will be entering the Army Run Half Marathon with plans to actually run it – I will be full into marathon training and will need a decent long run on a Sunday. The plan is to run prior to the half marathon and then run the half marathon directly after. No time goals – just a good, slow, long run!


November 2nd – NYC Marathon

Ahh!  No time goals – just a goal to finish and have a good time!



What are your 2014 plans?!?

Are you going to join me in some of these races? (say yes – I need friends)

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  1. Michelle @ 3cheaprunners

    This is a good idea…I need to start mapping out my 2014 race schedule…it’s the only way to be prepared!

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