Happy Second Birthday Max!

It was Max’s second birthday on Saturday! Yay hooray!

photo 1

I do not really do sappy birthday posts – not my thing. But Mr. Max is turning into quite the character.

So here is an update on Max at 2 Years:


Sleep: Nothing changed in this department. He goes to bed around 8pm and wakes up around 7:00 or 7:30. Some days he gets up earlier, but on school days I usually have to wake him up. When he wakes up, he starts calling for us, unless he wants to play in his crib for a bit. Sometimes I knock on his door and he giggles. I then ask if I can come in? He will yell “sure!!!!”. The only issue with him sleeping is that he kicks his blankets off and then gets cold. We also have to try over the holidays to ween him off the pacifier – I’m sure that will be tons of fun!

Eating:  On and off. He likes most meats and really likes his breakfast food. He likes to mimic what we are doing, so if we have sauce or use the salt and pepper, he will want to as well. His favorite food is still sausage. Max loves that stuff! Max is on and off with fruits and veggies. He had some guacamole the other day and enjoyed it, while previously he spat out avocado. He likes strawberries and blueberries but not raspberries – although apparently he has had them at daycare. Max also loves pasta. Max also likes Tim Horton’s timbits. You can bet he knows exactly where are the Tim Hortons are in Orleans…..

Teething: Starting up again with his 2-year molars. Other than biting everything, it doesn’t seem to bug him. Teething with Max has been relatively easy.

Crawling/Standing/Walking: Well after the broken leg incident, no major problems. He runs and runs and runs. Max has a new game at the store – run away from Mom and Dad. He is fast too! Max is also learning how to kick a soccer ball. He already has a good arm!
Eyes: Hazel

Playing: Max’s favorite toys right now are cars. He plays cars all day long and even likes to bring a car or two into his crib with him. Don’t think you are going to get sneaky and take the cars out after he falls asleep because if he wakes up at 4:30am and discovers they are missing – he will scream “CARS?!?!” and wake up everyone. Max also likes trains! They have a train display at the mall and he spent ten minutes going to all the trains and waving ‘hi’ at them. He still has his minions (and Gru, which he can say now), blocks, balls and dinosaurs.

Talking: Ugh. Not enough compared to all the other blog posts I’ve read. He still babbles and does not speak in English sometimes. His vocabulary is expanding and he FINALLY made a ‘T’ sound (he can say hat with a very clear ‘tah’). He rarely puts words together, but he is trying. He can say: ball, hat, boots, shoes, saush (for sausage), apple, Gru, Mama, Dada, Sash (for Sheldon), juice, car, train, plane, book, hi, bye, hello, please, No (finally!), “There it is”, night, bath, bubble, boat, Wall-E, DVD, cheese, bowl, bear, all the barnyard noises, cold, hot, “I’m cold/hot”, Ella, rain, snow, paw-paws (his mitts) and coke (I have NO idea what that is about – we don’t have pop in the house).

Sign Language: Max Points and waves, does the “I don’t know” hand gesture – that is about it.

Weight/Clothing: I don’t know how much he weighs – but he is getting HEAVY. I struggle lifting him and the dirty diaper bag the other day. I’m guessing he is over 30 pounds now. He is also tall. He is in 2T clothing and size 8 shoes. Thankfully my daycare provider gave me all her son’s old clothes and shoes – so Max is set for awhile.
Personality: His personality is getting more toddler/pre-school like every week. He definitely loves to give sass! Since he knows how to say ‘No’ now, it is very ‘no, no, no’ – but I think he just likes saying the word. He is a pretty happy guy who loves to help and to be clean. If Max sees a dirty dish – he will take it to the sink and put it in. Max also likes to make sure everything is put back properly. Although he has been known to stuff cheerios and coin in the couch. Max loves to play with his cars. He lines them up to ‘park them’ at night. Max tends to be a bit shy at first still – but then wants to be the centre of attention. I’ve never seen him act jealous or anything. When we go to daycare in the morning he runs to the bench to take off his stuff and then he promptly opens the door and kicks me out. But when I return he runs to open the door – unless he is playing outside, then he runs away because he knows it is time to go home. He loves sports and ‘helping’ – so do not even try to change your tires with him around because he will want to help! Max loves to give hugs and kisses. Every day when he waits for the kids to get home on the bus – he sits on the curb and waits. The bus arrives and he starts waving. Then he runs to the girls and asks for hugs. Again, like playing outside, I do not dare try to take him home before the bus arrives – he gets upset!

Current Favourite Things: Minions, Cars, his tools, helping Daddy, water/splash pads, buckets, sitting in cars, washing up, baths, parks, his blankie, music, electronic items, the phone, cleaning up, planes, Tim Hortons, Home Depot, Canadian Tire and running away from me.

Dislikes: Having his hair washed, going inside after playing, the skylight (it is a monster apparently).

Miscellaneous: Max is a pretty cool cat – and I think he knows it too. He is starting to recognize places. For example, when we drive down one of the major roads in Orleans – he points out the Home Depot, Tim Hortons, McDonalds, the storage unit (he knows he gets to ‘help’ there) and the Canadian Tire. Of course he wants to go into all of them.  Max likes to run around quite a bit and loves to throw a ball around. He also learned on Sunday how to head a soccer ball. Hilarious!

Some pictures of the weekend:

photo 3

photo 2

photo 4

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! I’m freezing here at work – that is for sure!

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  1. Stephanie@nowiun.com

    I love this post and the update info about Max! I will probably be emailing you tonight… You have to see Andrew and Gabe’s “line ups” … Gabe even had one in his room he didn’t want to put away a couple of weeks ago. Hes 12!! 🙂
    How funny that he eats raspberries at day care but not at home.
    I love LOVE cake pictures!
    Happy Birthday, Max!
    BTW ~ you’ve got me a little teary over here 😉

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      awww 😉

      Ha! I would love to see the pic of the line-ups! I lined up Max’s cars for him yesterday and he yelled “COOOOOOOL!!!”

      Yeah, he eats tons of stuff at daycare but then won’t eat it at home – I think his daycare mommy is a better cook than me! 😉

  2. Amy

    What a cutie! Have a fantastic year of “twos”, little guy and don’t make them “terrible.” No one likes the terrible twos!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I don’t think he will be that terrible – he has been the easiest kid so far!

  3. Kristi

    He’s so cute! It feels like forever since I had a two year old in the house. Enjoy, it really does go so quickly. And as for the speaking thing, don’t compare to others. Neither of my guys were particularly verbal at that age, but trust me, they don’t stop talking now… EVER.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’m pretty sure one day I will be yelling “are you never quiet?!?!” haha!


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