I will get to Christmas, on Christmas

I have a little secret….


I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas


Shocker, I know!

While I do know that many people love putting on Christmas decorations, shopping, making food and baking cookies – I honestly would rather be doing something else. P’s tradition is to put up decorations and the tree right before Christmas, so his style meshes quite nicely with mine. We bought our tree yesterday – but it is still in the garage. I’m sure we will put it up tomorrow morning. Actually, I will make a sticky note to remind me to put up the tree before doing anything else. ┬áBecause all of our decorations are in the Christmas tree box – we will put those up at the same time. One of my friends keeps asking if we have put up the tree yet. My friend’s reaction on Saturday to my response that I have not was priceless. A bit or a mix of eyes wide and ‘whhhhattt?’. Hilarious.


I finally started and finished my Christmas shopping today. I strongly prefer online shopping for my Christmas needs – but this year I had to actually go to a few stores. But in all this shopping mayhem, I noticed my hair stylist was working and that she was free to cut my lions mane of hair that I’ve been growing. Score! So rather than finish my shopping, I got my hair did. After that, I went home to collect P and we both went out for a little lunch sans Max and went to MEC to finish shopping. Actually, I am not sure why I just used the word “finish” as I am not done yet. I’ll get to it tomorrow, k?



(Max’s Christmas Present)

I did make a whole pile of cookies last week – shortbread and chocolate chip. I made enough for a cookie drop at my old school and enough for all the coaches and athletes. I believe I made over 10 dozen cookies in total. But that is it – no more cookies! We were also baking cookies in class for a week straight, so I am quite certain I do not want to make any more. When baking, I made sure to entertain myself by throwing on an episode of Breaking Bad on the iPad.


I’m sure as Max gets older I will put more effort into Christmas. Or at least that is what I am telling myself….

So I probably will not be posting until after the holidays – so have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Mom

    Yes you get yor distaste for decorating from me! Hate it! Just finished the tree tonight, I think working in retail sucks the joy out of Christmas.

  2. Amy

    Merry Christmas! I am right here with you! Tomorrow I will be intercepting a package that a mailman is delivering (totally last minute) for a gift David sent me the link to last week of something he wanted. He doesn’t know I got it, but I did not put much effort into it. I wait until the last minute all the time.

  3. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Kristi

    Merry Christmas Rebecca! Hope the tree is looking good ­čÖé


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