Three Things Thursday: Hyped up on Cookies edition

Happy Thursday!

Today is extra fun because it is the last day of school for the kiddies today. I still have to report to work tomorrow, along with the Ed Assistants and Admin (but no teachers). It is a “self-guided” PD day, which essentially means I have 7 hours to plan for January with a movie on in the background…..

I’ve been eating lots of cookies today – so here is my hyped up on cookie sugar edition of Three Things Thursday


Thing #1 – Sick of Cookies

I’ve been baking since last week. We made three different kinds of cookies in class: Ginger Bread, Ginger Snaps and Shortbread. At home I started baking earlier this week for some special cookie deliveries. Last night I baked 3 batches of shortbread and 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies. Needless to say, I have come to realize that being a baker is not for me!

photo 3

Thing #2 – Turkey Dinner Time!

I work in a school that offers a hospitality program for the students. The program makes all the food for the school – including lunch. Many of you have seen the pictures on instagram that I’ve been posting of the food they made. This Wednesday was Turkey Dinner day! Turkey with all the fixings and an eclair for dessert. It was amazing. Today was leftover turkey dinner day and it was equally as good.  I hope the food digests before my Thursday workout at the track  – eek!

photo 4

Thing #3 – Spirit Day Wear

It is a bit of a tradition that the week before break, is Spirit Week which means you come to school in the ‘costume of the day’. Tuesday was Ugly Christmas Sweater Day while yesterday was Pajama Day.  It was clever planning that brought turkey day and pajama day together. My pants did not feel snug at all!

photo 2


photo 1

What are you doing this fine Thursday?

Do you have any Christmas/Holiday traditions at your place of work?

What do you wear for pajamas (I do not wear sweatpants to bed…..)

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  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    Love that sweater! I usually sleep in my undies and a t-shirt (TMI?) but since I’ve in Chicago, I’ve been going to sleep in socks, pajama bottoms, and long sleeved top. Eek!


    That sweater is borderline not-ugly. 🙂
    I sleep in PJ pants, yoga pants, shorts, etc. My shirts never match, but they are my favorites – Snoopy, Wonder Woman, etc. Since I’m 6’0″ tall I stitched cheap fabric on the bottoms of my clearance Old Navy holiday PJ pants. I wear these year round.


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