Say What?

Happy Wednesday!

It is another freezing day and I really which I had a blanket on right now – even though I am wearing a heavy sweater with a shirt underneath. So cold! I’m starting to get sick of this winter thing…

Last night I went to track practice. I have switched my days from Thursdays to Tuesdays because of P’s robotics schedule. But last night P had a meeting so we had to arrange for a babysitter. Normally I just go straight to track from school, as it is on the way from home. But instead I had to pick up Max and his sitter. I made it to the track a little later than I normally do, so last night’s workout was only 3x1000m at race pace. It was an easier workout, but that is all the time I had. After that I spent 2 hours coaching – this week’s focus was long jump/hurdles (athletes choose one), and I was assigned to long jump. Not my strongest area, but at least I am getting some experience coaching jumps which will help with coaching high school track as I coach every area.

If I coach a high school team this year….

Yup – it is that time of year again, job search time! I should find out next week where I am placed next, if I am placed. I am unsure whether I will be coaching high school track because of the “we place you in jobs” process that happens now. Because I have to drop off and pick up Max every day, it makes it hard to get a quality practice in if I have to drive 45 minutes home. So the decision has been made that if I am to coach, it will only be at a few select schools. I am hoping to coach the same team I’ve been coaching for 4 years, but who knows. Waiting is so much fun!

photo 3


If you have a toddler, or at least around toddlers a bit you know that learning new words and sentences can be a bit of hilarious struggle for them. Max has just recently started really talking and learning many new words. With that comes some words that are mispronounced or he goes off in babble-speak with random words mixed in between. So far my favorite mispronounced words are:

“BUTT!!!!” – Which means bed

When he asked what my tights were called “what tis?”, I said tights, and he proudly said “tits” instead. *giggle*

“Shaa-doooo” which means kachow – as in Lightning McQueen

“Chunch”- means lunch

“Sash” – means Sheldon, as in Sheldon Cooper

There are some things that he says repeatedly that I have not been able to interpret yet. He will repeat and repeat, but I have no idea what he is saying. He still babbles quite a bit. He will sit in his car seat and just yammer on about his day. It usually goes something like this “ya ya, me, Dodo, seeeme, paw, geehee, CARS, ya *GIGGLE*”

Ok then… 🙂


Is it stupid cold where you are?

How has your week gone?

Are you also in employment limbo like me?


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  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    It’s stupid cold for Florida… although not really cold by any means in terms of what the rest of the nation is experiencing. My week has gone well in terms of actual days, but in terms of running it’s been non existent. I’ve done 5.5 measly miles this week thanks to this bronchitis. I’m currently waiting for my job at the high school to start up again…so yes, I could say I’m in job limbo!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Job limbo sucks!

      Yes – cold for Florida, but that would be a really nice day for us here in Ottawa. I probably wouldn’t even wear my jacket… 🙂

  2. K

    I love toddler-speak! Job limbo sucks. Hope you hear soon.


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