A Sweet deal and NYC hotel booking

Happy Monday!


Hopefully everyone had a good weekend. Max and I were on our own this weekend for the most part as we are approaching the final week in Robot build. We didn’t do much as I have zero money (especially due to items mentioned below) and it is cold. Plus, Olympics is on, so why bother leaving the house? We did leave the house to run errands though!

We normally go on a long weekend trip to Mont Tremblant the weekend after the Family Day long weekend. This year, we decided that it was a no-go because the rates that the usual place we go to were just way too high (minimum it would cost us $600 just for lodging). Plus just going skiing alone sets us back almost $300 because of the cost of lift tickets and the $100 charge to have Max into daycare for the day. I do not have $1000 lying around, so we decided no for this year. We instead decided to go to one of the local ski hills during March Break when Max is at his normal daycare. It was all decided until this morning when I saw on Twitter that Mont Tremblant had a special – they “hid” 15 $7.50 lift tickets on their online store for people to find. I jumped on my iPad and checked a couple of days – no dice. I checked one more date and BOOM – $7.50 lift tickets! I *may* have screamed as I quickly entered in my information, received my confirmation email and printed off those bad boys. In total, for two adult lift tickets $17.76. AMAZING. Normally these tickets are over $70. Yes – we will still be paying $100 for daycare but that means we are spending less that $120 to ski when normally it would be about $300. This deal goes on til February 12 – they are posting a certain amount of cheap tickets each day. My best suggestion would be to follow Mont Tremblant on Twitter and jump on the website as soon as they tweet – OR if they don’t – check in the morning. I’m still in shock that I got this amazing deal.


The second order of online business this weekend was booking our NYC hotel for the marathon. Our plan is to start driving Friday night – but end up halfway (the drive to NYC is about 7 hours or so) and stay at a cheaper hotel on Friday. We will then wake up early and head into the city. Off the the expo – maybe a little bit of sightseeing and that is pretty much it. On marathon day – I will be gone stupid-early while Max, P and possibly my parents will have the day to go to the Museum of Natural History and watch the runners come in. After I stroll over the finish line, we will leisurely make our way out of the city and stop somewhere outside the city to sleep. It is going to take awhile to get out of the city and I am debating even just staying in the city another night and taking our time getting home on Monday – so I’m not 100% sure of that plan. I will decide that closer to the date. The most pressing hotel arrangement was the Saturday night in the city since hotels book up fast – especially the more affordable ones. After some browsing, I saw that a Hilton Doubletree had pretty affordable rates and booked there. All the reviews I read were pretty good. Any bad ones were about rooms being small, staff being crabby and wifi not being free. I couldn’t care less about any of those things so I went ahead and booked. DONE!

This was my hotel room last time I went to NYC with one of my friends. Super tiny room but we spent next to no awake hours in the room – so we didn’t care.



It is weird to be making arrangements for a race that still seems so far away. BUT – once they make the draws for the non-guaranteed entry runners, the rooms will start filling up fast!

How was your weekend?

Are you running NYC or any other big races that you need to make travel arrangements?

What do you look for in a hotel?

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  1. Melanie

    Ahhhh NYC is so fun! Make sue to recap when you get back – with photos!! And what a great deal on the ski tickets – you’ll enjoy it all the more now, right?

  2. Mike

    Just came across your blog while Googling for details of the Manotick race. Nice blog!

    I got into NYC this year and booked our hotel a couple of weeks ago too. Spending so much and booking so early does seem crazy but everyone I’ve talked to says NYC is definitely worth it and it’s always been on my dream list (even before I was a runner).

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I love NYC – so running the marathon has been a dream for four years! So excited to be running it this year!

      Welcome to the blog 🙂


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