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So to run a giveaway on my blog,  I used Google Drive to record entries on a spreadsheet (in the order they came in) and then used a random number generator to decide the winner. This might be hard for some of the bigger blogs out there that get thousands of entries – but for my small blog – this worked just fine. I suggest for some of you that offer a random giveaway to use this system if you like. I know Rafflecopter is all the rage right now – but my employer blocks the website – so sometimes it is hard to even enter another blog’s giveaway (*annoying*).

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 10.37.10 AM

Anyhoo – the important news – Congrats to Jen K. who won the giveaway!

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 10.37.43 AM


I will have another giveaway in a couple of weeks – that includes my American friends as well. Stay tuned, it involves cookies!


This weekend we found out that Mr. Max could climb out of his crib. He climbed out of his pack and play at daycare last week – but has never gotten out of his crib. We heard a ‘thud’ and ran in to see Max standing there with his head down because he thought he was in trouble. He showed us how he got out and because we have already had one broken limb, we chose to convert his Ikea crib to his toddler bed.

photo (2)

He thinks his ‘bed’ (which he pronounces ‘butt’) is the coolest thing ever. He re-oganized his stuffies, changed his pillow to the other side and made his bed. The first night he went to bed without a problem. Last night took a bit more time but I think it was more because he wanted to go to the bathroom before going to bed (he has done that before). So far, no random out of bed at night adventures, but I’m sure that will happen eventually.

Alrighty – time to get to work!


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  1. Nicole

    Cute little bed!! I love how excited they get about this big step! I’m glad we never got to the climbing out of the crib stage! So far our issues are more around nap time on the weekends but it isn’t that bad.


    Yay for the giveaway winner!
    I think rafflecopter is very tedious.
    I can’t wait for the cookie giveaway…
    YAY for MAX!!!!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’m not a fan – it isn’t like I get 1000’s of entries, so my google drive way is just fine 🙂


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