Olympic Haze

Happy Monday!


Yes, it has been awhile!  Between Olympics, P’s robot deadline, Max being Max, weather, track, being sick and school: I’ve had next to no time to get a blog post written. Max has been going to bed fairly late and because I was on my own every day last week (except the night I was at track) – I have to give my hour of free time before bed to stuff like work and cleaning. I didn’t even run last week. Not one KM. Normally I at least get a track workout in, but I came down with a short and nasty cold that made it hard to breath properly, so I did not get a run in at track. Instead I strained by voice and had no voice for Friday.

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Luckily Friday was a “snow day” and I had only half my regular amount of students. Since it was Olympic time, we watched sports instead. We do take Olympics fairly seriously here in Canada. We have been watching all week at school, especially the women and men hockey times. We all watched the USA vs. Canada hockey game on Friday. It was really neat to walk around the school and hear the game on all the TV’s/projectors. I ended up watching the last few minutes in the office. From what I heard, most schools in Canada did the same thing. It is nice to take a break from things sometimes!

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I watched a good amount of Olympic coverage over the past two weeks. Not as much as I would like, but enough. Summer Olympics is more my thing: especially when track and field is in full swing. I did get to watch as much as I could, even waking up at 4:30am on Sunday to watch Canada compete in run 3 of the bobsled, the last run of Canada Team 3 who had a very unfortunate crash on Saturday. After bobsled, it was time for hockey! Pretty much all of Canada was watching as evident by the traffic cams that showed next to no traffic in Ottawa and Toronto. Again, another fun event for people to get together for.  Yesterday did feel like the longest day ever though!

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Tomorrow should be business as usual with track. I should be able to get a good run in before practice starts. Since I get out of school early on Wednesday, I shall be getting a run in on Wednesday – hopefully a 7K run. It is supposed to be fairly chilly, so I am not happy about that. This weekend I have a track meet on Saturday, but before that I will be going skiing at Tremblant.

Busy, busy!  I have trouble writing blog posts sometimes because my life is fairly boring when it is very routine. I go to work, come home, make dinner and go to bed. I’m even behind in all my shows, despite most of them being on hiatus because of the Olympics. I am happy that it is almost vacation time! Two weeks til March Break aka catch up week!

What have you all been doing? 

Despite my lack of posts – I do read all of yours!

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  1. Amy

    I work with a Canadian and he has been going crazy with curling and hockey all of last week. He also just informed me today he has tried to get a Tim Horton’s in Denver (to no avail) and claimed that that was how Canadian he really is. Awesome that you can watch the Olympics in school! I bet that raises everyone’s morale!

  2. Mom

    First time I did not take a week off to watch Olympics. I have also been known to burn out remote controls during the games!! Only 2 years to go to Rio!

  3. Nicole

    Wow you have been busy!! I wish I could have watched more Olympics but not having cable makes that difficult! I watched some of the opening ceremonies at the hospital.

    Hope you have better luck with your runs this week.


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