Running lately – first long run/half training

Happy Thursday!


As usual, I am pretty swamped with work and stuff. But at least I’ve managed to run 2x this week and have plans to run tomorrow after school. One of the benefits of working part0time as I mentioned before, is that I can fit my runs in without taking Max along for the ride. P is always working, so if I don’t go when I get out of work early, I’m just not going to be able to go. The temperatures have eased up a bit this week – but the sidewalks are still covered in snow and ice. This isn’t going to changed any time soon. So it did affect my long run this week.

Yup – I said it – Long run!

I have now started training for my half marathon in May. The plan is to run 3x a week for the time being: A long run, steady run and a tempo/speed workout at the track. This is really all I have time for until maybe April. I may not even get out 3x a week, but I’m going to try. So this Monday I set out for my 7K long run in balmy -11C weather (it was ‘warm’ to me haha). Normally for long runs, I head out to the Ottawa River Path – but that won’t work – so I had to run in my condo complex and some side streets that have been somewhat taken care of in terms of sidewalk maintenance. As I mentioned, the temperature was fine – but the warmer temps meant the snow covered sidewalks were more slushy. I lasted til 3K before I had to just run in circles in my complex (I can do a loop of about 800m). So there I was just running over and over again. I swear some people must have thought I was looney! I managed to negative split – the first time EVER I’ve done that in a long run. I’ve been working on negative splitting for the past few months and it is working. I finished my 7K run in 43:38. The pace I was running was very comfortable for me. If I did not have snow issues, it would have been an easy run for sure! I just want spring to get here!

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.19.25 PM



On Tuesday I had track practice so I went an hour early to get a speed workout in. The plan was to do a 800m warm-up and then 4x1000m at 5:30ish pace. After the 1000m, I was to jog back to the 200m line. The first one went ok – but some pushy co-coaches who shall remain nameless were telling me to go faster and I did, finishing my first KM in 4:34 – waaaaaay too fast. It wasn’t that it felt bad – but going too fast too soon = injury city. The next one was 5:00 on the nose (I’m getting good at pacing….). But then my tummy was giving me grief. I ran the next 1000m in 5:10 and called it a day as when I started to jog the 200m, it just didn’t feel good. I called it a day. Not sure what the issue is – but I think I need to lay off the coffee and drink tea. Grrr-pants!

Friday’s plan is just a 3K steady run which should be do-able. I’m hoping that everything works better this year in terms of scheduling long runs and stuff. I am already bounds ahead of where I was last year and have run outside more than I’ve ever have in the winter. I know some of my American readers are having issues with weather again this week and have complained about treadmill runs. Unfortunately here in Ottawa – it is like that all.the.time. so we just have to go out and run sometimes. On Sunday I did see a whole pile of Running Room clinic runners out and about – Max saw them as we were driving and yelled “GO GO GO!!!”. Way to go out there and run!

Have a wonderful Thursday…..


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  1. Kristi

    Congrats on the long run! And just think, any running you do on snowy or slippery pavement will just make spring running feel easy.


    Congrats on the negative splits!
    We have been blessed with great weather here in Flagstaff (which is not good, really, in the long run).
    I’m glad Max is already learning how to be the best cheerleader! 🙂

  3. mom

    you should change to Running Food Toddler> bahaha. I ran from the couch to the fridge… does that count?

    1. Rebecca (Post author)


      uhh no….


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