Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday during what feels like the longest week ever. I actually thought it was Friday for a moment there and was all happy. But – still one day of work to go!

I haven’t written a Three Things Thursday in awhile – so here it goes!




Thing #1 – New Bed for Max


I noted the other day that we converted Max’s crib to the toddler bed. His sleep routine has been going ok. Some nights are better than others. However, the one trend I’m not liking is that he is going to bed stupid late (even before the bed). It is 9pm and he hasn’t fallen asleep yet. During robot build season the only ‘me-time’ I really have is after he goes to bed – so right now I’m getting next to zero time to myself to do anything. I’m pretty busy with work right now, so that hour between Max finally going to bed and my bedtime is mostly finishing up work. Exercise? What’s that?

But – he does love his new bed!



Thing #2 – Commute Version 3.0

I am at my third school of the year. This time I am commuting from Orleans to Barrhaven every day. I only work part-time (teaching two classes instead of three) which means I get to arrive late one day and leave early the next (our two periods in the AM and PM flip – I teach periods 2 and 4 or 1 and 3). It takes roughly 50minutes to an hour to get to work during rush hour and 30 minutes on the afternoons that I get to leave at 2pm. It isn’t too terrible, but I do miss the days that I only had a 2 minute drive to work. I did manage to get a run in after work today which was nice. Except the temperature and snow covered sidewalks wasn’t nice. I feel like I should find one of those Go-Pro cameras and show all of you the running conditions in Ottawa. Other than in my condo complex where I run on the roads, the rest of the sidewalks are covered in snow and ice. Not just around a snow fall – but pretty much from November til April. I’m so done with this winter.


Thing #3 – Hello New iPhone

I finally got a new iPhone this week. I had an iPhone 4 and I’ve been wanting to smash it against the wall for the past few weeks. It has been really really slow and just plain annoying. I found a corporate plan through work (for those in Ottawa – usually school boards and civil service jobs have great plans for employees) that offers a better plan than the current plans all the major companies are offering. I am still with Telus though. Basically instead of this “unlimited nationwide talk” and next to no data plans – I have tons of data (more than I will ever need), unlimited local and other perks. I rarely use my phone for actual calling – so what would I need nationwide talk for? I also got an iPhone 5S for $0. I heard comments from some people who shall remain nameless that “omg – why did you buy a new phone?” – I don’t pay extra for phones – everyone knows that! I bought my 4 for $49 after selling my old iPod touch for $75. I am going to sell my iPhone for like $140 and call it a day – profit?




What phone do you have?

Do you have to commute far?

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Amy

    Yay for a big boy bed! Boo for long commutes and icy roads. Yay for a new phone. It all evens out, I suppose 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It sure does!

  2. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    I have the iPhone 5c and I love it. I, too, upgraded from an iPhone 4, so my new phone was/is way way faster!! I commute 12 minutes to school/on campus job, 14 minutes to work at the high school, and 20 minutes to my OTHER job in another town. Phew…that’s a lot of jobs.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      That sounds like me 3 years ago when I had many different jobs 🙂

      Oh my gosh – the speed of the new phones = SO MUCH BETTER. I no longer have to wait ten years for instagram to freakin load pictures!


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