Day in the Life: Early Edition

Happy Monday!  


I have not done a ‘day in the life’ since my new job placement, so I thought I would share one version today: the early edition. I only teach part-time, and the two periods I am assigned to teach are on opposite ends of the day, so my schedule is a bit wonky. We follow a ‘tumble’ schedule, meaning that one day I teach periods 1 and 3, and the next I teach 2 and 4. I also have to stay for one prep period a day (Full time teachers teach 3 period and have 1 prep). So on Day 1’s I show up late and on Day 2’s I leave early. Therefore I really only tackle rush hour once a day.

Today’s edition of ‘Day in the Life’ is when I am at school early:

6am – Wake up, press snooze

6:15am – actually wake up, shower and do all the usual bathroom things

6:30am – dress myself,consume liquid heaven (aka coffee) and quickly gather lunch and school materials before Max wakes up

7am – wake up Max. Dress Max and get him a drink if he likes

7:15am – wrestle Max out the front door. Sometimes we are out quickly, some days it takes forever. Today we were out in good time.

7:30am – Drop off the Max at daycare. He promptly kicks me out, rushing me out the door yelling “BYE MAMA!!”

7:35am – 8:30am (this is average) – sit in the car, drive the car, sit in the car, dance in the car, occasionally drive 50 km/hr or more. Some days are better than others

8:35am – Arrive at school, promptly make another coffee and eat my breakfast. I turn on my computer, answer emails if necessary and gather my materials for class

photo 2

9:ooam-10:20am – Class number 1 – Civics (Canadian Government Class). Today we examined the use of twitter – so if you saw some random political tweets from me today, that was why. Tell kids to stop sending pictures of themselves with stuffed animal dogs to politicians.

photo 4


photo 3


(Note: I know Barak Obama isn’t Canadian – comparing and contrasting!)

10:20-11:45am – Prep Period. Today I had to make up lesson plans for Tuesday as I am scheduled to be in a meeting. I also update my class website, mark, photo copy and all that jazz during this period. Occasionally I look at a blog or two.

11:45am – 12:30 – LUNCH!  At this school I do not leave my ‘social studies’ pod, except to go to class and to the office, unlike my last few schools where I ate in the staff room. We do eat our lunches together in a table in the middle of the room. Therefore I have no knowledge of staff outside my department really. But apparently this is how this school works. Every school is different! Today I had roast chicken with some mayo and sriracha sauce + crackers with cream cheese and Trader Joes Pineapple salsa. I also had a meeting at lunch.

photo 5

12:35pm-1:55pm – Class number two: Career Studies. We are working on resumes.

2:05 pm – Time to go home! I rarely stay beyond 2:05pm.

2:35pm – Notice the difference in travel time. Actually today I was home in less than 30 minutes which is a new record! This is when I run, go shopping to places that it is just a pain to bring Max, or write blog posts. Once I get off the computer to pick up Max, I probably won’t be on it again until 9pm (if at all). Some days I run, some days I don’t. Today is a day I did not. I am running tomorrow and Wednesday instead.

4pm  – go and pick up Max

4:15pm – Pick up Max and then head home. Sometimes we make stops to the mall or the indoor playground. Because Max was up at 5:00am, I am electing to just go home.

4:30pm – 6pm – Cooking dinner, playing with Max, playing with my iPhone and cleaning all happens during this time. It is more relaxed when I pick up Max earlier (on late days we don’t get home until after 5pm).

photo 1

6pm – Dinner!  Yum!

6:30pm – Clean up from dinner (dishes and jam hands) and start getting ready for bath time. We also play some more at this time. Once the snow melts, this is when we go to the park.

7:00pm – Head to the bubbles and wash up (Max, not me – had to be clear about that).

7:15pm til 8:30ish – This is when Max can watch a movie/show if he wants to. Sometimes he just wants to play. I rarely put him to bed before 8pm as he just isn’t ready and walks out of his room 10x. Wait til 8:30 and he is out like a light.

9pm – This is when I finally get to do school work, watch TV or do anything else. If P is home (usually only Thursdays) then I could start earlier. But on solo-parenting nights (which is Monday and Wednesday the whole year, and pretty much every day but Tuesdays from Jan-April), it is 9pm before I am able to do anything again. Some days I have Ottawa U work to do, some nights work-work, and some nights (like Thursdays) it is TV time.

10:30-11pm – lights out. Good night!

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  1. Nicole

    I’m tired just reading that! Busy day! Glad you get some time to yourself some days, especially since P works so late most nights! I can’t imagine solo parenting even 1 child most nights.

  2. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    Mmm I’ll have that muffin, please! Also, I thought your using Twitter to teach your students was such a good idea. Awesome 🙂

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