Finally: A Race! ATB 5K Time #ATB

Happy Friday!

I have all my work done for the day, and have one last class to teach – then I am off to Mississauga/Hamilton for the weekend. This weekend is the Around the Bay race in Hamilton. The big race of the weekend is the 30K – but I am not big on early spring races, so I just signed up for the 5K as I know quite a few people running the 30K (Yay Kristi, Lauren, Alex and many people on Twitter). Apparently there are a number of bibs for sale because of the crappy winter weather. It has been a difficult training season, that is for sure!

I am running the 5K with one of my long-time friends and one of her friends. We have always wanted to do a race together, so when I signed up, she did too! So this race is does not have a PB time in goal as I will not be racing full out. But we will see how it goes! It is also a bit of a homecoming, as I went to university in Hamilton (McMaster) and will be running in a city VERY familiar to me. I will be running by Dundurn Castle – a place I had to hear all about in countless geography classes 😉

A few things for those participating in the races this weekend:


This is a bit of a change that I am for one, not used to. Be prepared to have some throw-away layers if you are running – and if you have friends/family watching, having some dry clothes ready for you when you finish. The weather forecast is a high of 6C and sunny – so you will probably be cold at first and then possibly get warm. Car Keys can be tied into your running shoes or put into pockets. Cell phones can go in pockets or use an arm band. Leave everything else in your car/at home

2) Corrals

The corral system is different from other races as well. Please visit the Around the Bay website for details, but an email also went out with a map of where to go.

3) No Race Kit Pickup on Sunday

You have to pick up your packet either Friday (1pm-7pm) or Saturday (10am-5pm).

So good luck to everyone running! I will post a race recap at some point early next week and look forward to reading all of yours!

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  1. Mary

    Good luck and have fun!!

  2. Kristi

    ATB here we come! See you soon.

  3. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom


  4. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    Good luck!!

  5. Nicole

    Good luck!! I hope you have a great race and the weather isn’t too crappy.

    That’s disappointing about bag check. This time of year I think it’s pretty important.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Me too! Definitely annoyed me a bit


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