First Movie+ half marathon training

Happy Sunday!

Figures that vacation week (March Break) goes by super quickly. We did not do too much this week. We did the exciting weeks in life: clean up the cluttered basement, clean the floors, go to the accountants office. Exciting stuff!  We are going to the hockey game on Sunday. I’m not really a Senators Fan (don’t judge) but hockey games are fun! I really don’t want to go back to work on Monday and I’m totally jealous of anyone who went on a sunny vacation!

One fun thing that we all did together was take Max to see his very first movie. We took him to Frozen at the South Key’s cinemas. We were a bit worried that his attention span would be short, but he did a pretty good job. He sat there for the first few minutes clutching his nalgene and chocolate bar (don’t judge) with this “what is going on?” face:


Max liked the movie. He liked Sven and Olaf the best – but had a big smile whenever Elsa came on (because she looks like a Barbie, I think). He danced and sang – and laughed quite a bit. At the very end of the movie (which was long for kids), he ended up getting up and walking on the stairs, all while trying to eat popcorn off the ground. He had never had popcorn before and he loved that too – kept grabbing for the bag!


This is the first week that I’ve really started to get into half marathon training. Since I’ve been running at least once a week (mostly) all winter, I already have a bit of a base – so I’m not too concerned about being 11 weeks til the half and just really getting started. I am following a modified version of a few different training plans, including one from our ORW running coach, the Running Room 1:55 Half Marathon plan and the philosophy of the Run Less, Run Faster training plan with three solid runs per week: long run, tempo and a speed workout. I love my speed workouts and since they are the one thing that I am almost always able to do – they are in my weekly plan (except this week because we are on break).

This week’s runs:

Sunday: 4KM Tempo

This was the run I did when I fell. My finger is not black and blue anymore, but is still a bit swollen – but just a bit. This run was fairly steady, but anytime I had open, clear sidewalk I went faster.

Tuesday: 8KM slow, long run

Done in 53:00 minutes – this 8 KM run was fairly steady, holding at a 6:40 pace which is bang on for my long run pace. The different I am feeling between this year’s training and the last half marathon I ran is that I felt very comfortable the whole time and did not need to talk a walking break (I did stop for traffic lights and slowed right down during the ice bits). Before I was always staring at my watching thinking “how much longer til 10 minutes” with my long run pace more like 7:00. Feeling much better this year. Considering this was my longest run in a very long time – this was a good one!  If only the route was better – I was stuck doing loops around my neighbourhood – BORING.

Saturday: 3KM steady-fast run (subbing for speed)

I had a longer run scheduled, but because of our movie adventure, I just went out quickly at 6pm for a quick 3K run. It was getting rather chilly out, and I could see the water freezing in front of me – so 3K was all it was. Just a quick run out the back of the condo complex to the bus station and back. I was running faster than two people on a bike at one point. I completed this run in 16:40 at an average pace of 5:34. I could have gone faster if I wasn’t dodging ice puddles.


This Week’s plan is to run a 10K before track practice on Friday, get a 5K in on Thursday and do another run at some point. P is working all next weekend, and the next, and the next (and away for a whole pile of days)- so I really have to squeeze my runs in when I get home early from work.  

Alright – time to get ready to go to the hockey game!

Have a great Sunday 


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  1. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    No judgment for the chocolate bar here! 😉 Good luck with your training plan!

  2. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    I loved Frozen…. I love it that Max loved Elsa…. first crush? 😉


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