Five Things Friday



Short point-form post today because I have oodles of work to do.


1. Research Paper Fun

I had a research paper due today, hence why I have lots of work to do. This paper involve transcribing an interview. Super fun (not). This paper wasn’t a pain to write like some other papers, but was a bit boring.  However, it is completed and handed in. I still have to write a discussion post for this week.  I am also registering for my very last class on Monday (giant paper class).


2. Cute class notes

Today in class we held our class town hall simulation. As in all the other times I’ve run this activity, it got a bit rowdy. We held our vote by secret ballot and one of the students wrote this on their ballot (note: the No! Is for the vote):

photo 2 (7)

Funny enough, I’m just in jeans and an athletic sweater….

3. Potato and Leek soup

I made some potato and leek soup this week for lunches. Although I slightly over-salted it, the soup was yummy. I should post a recipe on here – but essentially you just have to boil potatoes and leeks, add butter/cream and you are done! Probably the easiest soup to make. I added in cremini mushrooms too – excellent choice.

photo 1 (8)

4. Laptop

I use my 6 year old Macbook for my work computer. Today my Macbook is acting a bit weird. Do not die on me now Macbook!  If this laptop ever dies, I am probably just going to and purchase a cheaper chromebook. I mostly need the internet and Google Drive can handle most word processing/presentation tools that I require.

5. Can’t wait for:


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  1. Amy

    Yay! Happy Friday! Spring has to be here soon, right? I am so sorry about your MacBook. It is always sad to say good-bye to a friend like that. I hope she continues to hold out for you for a long, long time. Maybe she is just asking for a nice, rest-filled weekend and will be back to new on Monday?

  2. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    Hahaha that note is so cute!! Sounds like you’ve got a good bunch 😉


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