Mont Tremblant Ski Funtimes

Happy Sunday!


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On Thursday we went to Mont Tremblant for a little getaway. I ended up taking one of these ‘unpaid’ days that we didn’t have before the most recent teaching contract. Before if you wanted to take a day off just for fun, it was really hard. You could take a sick day, but those are meant for days when you are sick, not a day to go skiing. There are personal days, but again they are labelled as ‘for urgent personal matters’. So for teachers, any days off outside the traditional school vacations were a big no-no. But, this year we were given the option to take five unpaid days pretty much anytime during the school year, minus the really busy times like semester start-ups and exams – days that most of us would not want to take off anyways. Quite a few teacher friends I know have really been liking this option and have gone on little trips here and there. Some even took a whole week off and went on a vacation. You would think, hey that seems rather expensive, to take a week off unpaid. But if you have never looked at the cost of going down south at March Break, I do not think you realize how expensive vacations can get during that time, especially comparing it to times in December. For us, it would be too expensive, since we are both teachers – but those who are only one teacher families can take a small vacation for significantly cheaper.

Anyways – so I did tell you all about my $7.50 lift tickets a couple of weeks ago. I booked a hotel right in the village, also for a cheaper price because of a promotion. Unfortunately I had to work one of my late days on Thursday, so we didn’t get to Tremblant until 7:30pm, after a fairly quick drive. When we arrived, we went upstairs to our one bedroom condo and when we exited the elevator we were greeted by the smell of alcohol and the sight of spring breakers. We went in the room and could obviously hear people having a good time. If it was just P and I – no biggie, but Max would get all bent out of shape and therefore P went downstairs to see if there was another room available. There wasn’t – but the lady at the reception said there was a room available next door in the much nicer condo, Le Sommet des Neiges (which we are familiar with because our friend owns a quarter share of one). The price difference was $80 a night, but she gave it to us for only $40 extra a night –  nice!  We quickly ran over to the other hotel and checked it. The room we had at the previous hotel was nice – but this one was even nicer. A super comfy king sized bed, and loads of space. What we discovered when entering was that the room was two floors – living room and kitchen on the top, bedroom and large bathroom below. Cool!  Max had a great time running up and down the stairs. The hotel is right next to the lifts, offers ski lockers and has a hot tub, kids toy room, teen games room and a bunch of other feature rooms. We have stayed here before, and it is one of the nicer condos.






The next morning, Max woke up around 7am. We couldn’t drop him off at daycare til 8:30, so we watched CBC kids and chillaxed. After Max was dropped off (he went to daycare yelling “yaaaaay”), we went to the crepe place in the village for breakfast. The Creperie Catherine is a staple at Mont Tremblant. I wrote about it last year. Big news though – the location is moving to the town close to the ski hill. Not sure I like that decision because it is tradition to either have breakfast or dinner there each time. Not sure I want to drive all the way to the local village just for crepes. Breakfast was good! I had a crepe with eggs and bacon. Yum!

After breakfast we went and grabbed our skis and went to the hill. The weather was rather cold, it was -20C when we went out. Luckily, since it was a Friday, the hill was pretty quiet. I never had to wait more than 5 minutes to get on a lift. Actually only 2 lift rides I had to wait at all (the first two). In the afternoon I just jumped right on. I love skiing on weekdays! The first run I skied was Nansen – a long winding one that is a green circle (meaning easy). After that initial run I mixed it up and skied a bunch of blue squares and green circles. During one run on the north side, I was on the blue square run and I felt so cold. I ended up taking a 10 minute break inside while P did his usual double black diamond run.




When I finally warmed up, we went to the Soleil side. We have never been on that side before! It has trouble keeping snow levels high, so we have only seen it open one other time. The other thing is that the runs are a bit challenging for a beginner, so I have always ventured to just the north and south sides. The Soleil side was great! I really enjoyed the blue square trail. It was challenging, but not too bad. There is only one green circle trail and it was ungroomed.  After that, we went back to the south side (where the village is). I think it was at this point I had a minor spill – opps. Before that I also had my annual spill getting off the chair lift. It happens *every*single*time*. Oh well!  We went to a pub for a quick beer and soup lunch and went back.



Once lunch was over, P did another couple of runs and called it a day. I stayed on the hill for another two runs and went inside about an hour later. The last two runs were really quiet. I kept turning around and seeing no one around me. The last three runs on the south side all involved going down this one little steep hill that overlooks the village. For years I have been trying to go down this hill, but always chicken out. After stopping at the top and stalling for five minutes – I finally went down. Verdict? It wasn’t that bad. I took it really slow, but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be.



(The view at the top of the little big hill)

IMG_4147(This is what the hill looks like from the bottom – doesn’t look that scary haha)

After skiing, we picked up Max and went to Casey’s for dinner. Max didn’t nap very well at the daycare (too much fun) – so he was all about the whining. We went to the washroom to wash our hands, and he went into one of the stalls and promptly locked me out, nice!  I had to do the ol’go under the door trick to get him out. We watched some TV that night and relaxed – Max was in bed by 7pm – early for him!. As much as I would have liked to stay another day, I had a track meet to get to!

Tremblant was great again. I am very fortunate to only live about an hour and 45 minutes away from such a great ski spot.  Now, time to get back to work 🙁


Do you ski/snowboard?

Have you been to any big ski resorts?

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  1. Kristi

    We just went away too – but without kids 🙂 Two nights at Montebello…heaven!
    We ski at Pakenham all the time (20 minutes from home) but not exactly comparable to Tremblant!

  2. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    How fun! 🙂 I don’t ski or anything fun like that — I’d probably be really bad at it — but I do want to try some day!


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