No cell phone, No lip gloss – but a winner!



I left the house today without my iPhone or my lip gloss this morning. I know I had them at one point in the morning, they just did not make it into my school bag. Opps?  Now I cannot take random pictures 🙁 Luckily today is my early dismissal day (every other day I get to leave at 2pm), so I will just grab my phone then. I do have emergency lip gloss stashed in my desk – but it isn’t the same brand. Sad lips 🙁

Weather is still crappy here in Ottawa. Really cold (again) and more snow tonight (again). I am not able to get to the track fast enough tonight for a track workout, but I may venture outside for a run. I took a look at the sidewalks when leaving today – and if I do go out, it will just be a condo complex run, also known as a 3K boring run. It has become increasingly unsafe to run on the roads in my neighbourhood due to the snow being piled on the street. There are certain parts of the roads where if a car is parked on the street, only one car can get by. That and the snow piles are so high that you cannot see a runner coming if you are turning right. I almost hit a runner on the weekend because they were running against traffic (as you should), but they were completely hidden by the snow bank.



We have a winner for the Canadian Foods Giveaway!

Using a random number generator – Rachel from Undercover Diva: A Sitcom has won the giveaway. I shall send an email!  If you didn’t win – we could always do a junk food exchange 😉

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Kristi

    If you lived or worked in the west end I would suggest the Terry Fox extension for running. Just did 10k there last night and much of the recreational path is dry and clear. Not to mention a great place to work on gradual hills, with the option of some steep hills as well. Otherwise I pick newer suburban roads that are quite wide and usually fairly clear. Most sidewalks are still pretty dicey at this point, though well travelled ones are manageable with care. Definitely not good for speed work though!
    Personally, my biggest fear is we’ll jump from freezing temps to hot weather and I will be dying on even a short run…I’m a better winter runner than summer runner.

  2. Nicole

    I’m pretty sure I would die if I left my cell phone at home! I always have lots of lipgloss in my purse and at work so I would be ok. I do know what you mean about having a fav brand.

    Wow that must be a lot of snow! I’m so done with winter, like everyone else! I’m so housebound I’m going crazy but it’s too cold for walks and I can’t drive with 2 kids yet.

  3. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    I’M A WINNER! Can’t wait 😀 So excited, thanks!!!

  4. Amy

    Congrats to Rachel! And…I would LOVE to do a junk food exchange with you if you are serious! All I need is a big bag of TIm Horton’s coffee to bribe my coworker and I will send you anything you want 😉 Email me if you are serious!


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