Ottawa Senators Game Fun

Getting out in the evening without the toddler very rarely happens. Both P and I are busy with something or other most nights and really half the time all I want to do is watch a movie and go to sleep on days off. We managed to get out on Sunday night, which will probably be one of the last nights we go out until mid to late April due to more robotics tournaments. We received tickets to the Senators game through one of the robotics families. They had a suite booked and were able to invite several people to watch the game. Fun!


The suite was at the 100 level and gave us a really great view of the game. A couple of suites down, I saw Max Keeping (former Ottawa News Anchor and local community legend). The suites offer regular seating, a couple of stools and the inside section where you can grab a drink or snack and sit at a bar-like table. The suite also had its own washroom, which meant you didn’t have to journey outside. I really liked the fact that I could get up and sit or stand during the game.


The view was excellent. I’ve sat at front row before and didn’t really like it. But sitting mid to high in the 100 section means you see everything. The suite had beer, wine, pop and water as well as a selection of snacks. I had some veggies + chicken fingers. The game was ok – we lost :-(. I always find that when you are at the game, it goes by much faster. The game was over before we knew it and we were off to battle traffic (the Canadian Tire Centre is in the suburb opposite of Orleans).




We were kind of hungry after the game and therefore P grabbed some McD’s at 10pm at night – bad idea. Big Mac’s are not something I should eat that late at night. I am also not supposed to drink caffeine after 5pm….

Needless to say, the struggle to stay away today was real!

Do you attend any sports games?

Is hockey big in your area?



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  1. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    I love going to hockey games, though I hardly ever go. The main draw for me is the food 😉

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I rarely go too – maybe once every two years?


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