A Day off + Boston Bandits

Happy Weekend everyone!

I had the day off today as I was supposed to be at a robotics tournament this weekend, but when the airfare to St Louis is almost the same as a trip to Cuba, Max and I backed out of the trip. The day off I selected was an unpaid day – and once you make that request, you cannot take it back. So I had a day off to myself. What are the super exciting things that I conquer when I have zero dollars and no child?

1 – I went for an 11Km run

Today was a bit chilly out in the morning – so after I dropped off Max and had a bit of breakfast, I tied my laces and went to the Ottawa River Path for a run. I felt very good for the entire run. 11K is kind of a weird place to stop, but by KM 8 my tummy was saying it was time for a bathroom break, so I called it quits at 11KM. I could have easily continued to 14-15K. Also, I have a race on Sunday and don’t want to have DOMS occur or anything of that nature. Only a few people were on the path this morning. I did give one person directions on how to get back to the main road. Very quiet run! I finished the 11K at 1:11 which made me laugh. I held a very steady pace at around 6:20 and worked with 10 and 1’s today. Not that I needed to stop – but the run had to be a long, easy run. I will do a more steady non-stop run on Sunday when I run my 5 miler.

2 – Pick up Race Kit and talk to volunteer coordinator

As mentioned above, I am running the Manotick 5 miler on Sunday. I am volunteering as a pace bunny. My time is 48:00 – so if you are running the race, look out for my bunny ears! I had to drive to Manotick (which is all the way on the other side of the city) to pick up my kit. I laughed that I had to drive a long distance on my day off, especially since my work is only 10 minutes from Manotick. I picked up my volunteer t-shirt, official race t-shirt, bib and water bottle. My bunny ears will be ready on Sunday.

photo 1 (1)


photo 2 (1)

3 – Go to Panera Bread

I was hungry and wanted some lunch. I walked into Panera Bread to get some take-out, but the line was crazy, so I hopped back in the car and when to the drive-thru. I ordered a half mac and cheese, and a half turkey-avocado BLT. I may have also had a brownie. Panera Bread is a tad bit pricey, but its really good. I am definitely going back for the Mac and Cheese!

photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (1)

4 – Oil Change

Super exciting stuff huh?  Oil Changes are a bit of a pain because I have to go to a Ford Dealership on Carling since I have free oil changes for a year. They also do not operate on Saturdays, so I have to squeeze in oil changes when I get off of work early. I was scheduled to go in on Tuesday, but Max was sick, so I re-scheduled for today. One of my former students works there, so it was nice to chat with him! Oil Change was done and I went off to battle traffic back to Orleans

5 – Pick up Max, go get gas and car washed

I was running low on gas, but for whatever reason, gas in the west end is 8 cents more expensive than Orleans, so I prayed to the car gods that I had enough gas to get to Orleans. I did. Since our outside hoses are not out yet, I also went to the “do it yourself” car wash and washed my car. It only costs a few dollars (compared to $6+ at the gas station) to wash my car, and the high pressure system does a significantly better job. Max also find the whole process hilarious.

photo 5 (1)

6 – Go home, eat dinner, play with Max

Soon, it was 5pm. We had lasagna for dinner, watched Beauty and the Beast, and played. We also had ice cream. Suddenly it is 9pm! After writing this post, I may watch a movie – but I may also just go to bed.

photo (3)

Can you see my unintentional photo bomb?

So that is what I did on my day off – exciting stuff!


So – some big news coming out of Boston is that people have been caught wearing counterfeit bibs in MarathonFoto pictures. People who had the actual bibs suddenly found strangers in their pictures wearing their bib number. There is one runner who found four separate runners wearing her bib number, and another woman found the wife of the Four Square CEO wearing her number (the wife put her twitter handle on her bib – great move!). The Four Square couple have admitted that they made a counterfeit bib, while I do not believe the four other runners have been identified yet. People are pretty pissed about the whole situation, and the Four Square couple have been getting all sorts of angry tweets and instagram messages. There may be other bandits that haven’t been discovered yet.

Banditing (is that even a word?) the Boston Marathon is nothing new – but people are really concerned about it this year for a variety of reasons, including security reasons and the fact that many people who BQ’d did NOT get a spot. There are various forms of race bandits including:

– Those who just jump in without a bib and run the course

– Using counterfeit bibs

– Some would even argue that buying a bib from a friend or website is considered being a race bandit (or at least something you shouldn’t do).

I guess I find this one the hardest to consider ‘super wrong’ because I have worn someone else’s bib before and I know of many, many runners who have taken or sold their bibs. The really big races sell out months in advance and sometimes, s*** happens and people can no longer run a race. Therefore, what are you going to do with the bib? Many races do offer transfer periods (THANK YOU OTTAWA RACE WEEKEND AND ARMY RUN), some will even allow you to switch to another event that they run. But some races do not allow transfers or refunds of any kind (*cough* Disney, I’m talking about you). Disney has even gone to the extreme and will no longer allow anyone but YOU pick up the race kit. Boston is a whole other story because you need to have a qualifying time OR fundraise a crazy amount of money (at least $4000).

That last point is probably what annoys me the most about the race bandits of Boston – There were so many people who ran Boston qualifying marathons and did NOT get a spot in this year’s marathon. You had to BQ by quite a bit to register and many people were left out this year. Also – marathons (especially the big ones) are not cheap to run – and when you create your own bib, you do not pay the entry fee and therefore are running for free – not paying a cent towards water station supplies, snacks before and after the race, the medals, all the race supplies, the buses to the start, the SECURITY (I can only imagine). Races are not cheap! It is just totally not cool to run a race that you haven’t paid for (and collect the medal at the end).

We will see what happens in future marathons (not just Boston, but all the larger marathons) because of this….


Have a great weekend!


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  1. Mary

    Where is the Panera Bread??? I can’t believe I missed it opening!!

    I’ve been wondering about the Ottawa River Path – is it all clear or is there any flooding on it? Sometimes it’s still pretty wet this time of year so I have avoided it so far this year.
    Mary recently posted…Running in Milan, ItalyMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It’s on hunt club near merivale! It opened about two months ago? Hopefully an east end location opens up!

      The river path going west from Bilberry is completely clear – I haven’t dared to go east towards Champlain as that area is usually completely underwater until late May.

  2. Lisa @ Lulu's Big adventure

    Haha love the sneaky photo bomb!
    Lisa @ Lulu’s Big adventure recently posted…Life Lately: A Photo EssayMy Profile

  3. Crystal

    Enjoy your bunny ears and have fun pacing!

  4. FM

    Here’s another race for you to join! http://allaboutheart.ca
    Good job on all of your hard-work!

    1. FM

      Argh, I meant to post that on your latest post. My bad!


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