A long day

Yay Wednesday!

I do not do any of those “what I ate Wednesday” blog posts. You probably really don’t want to know what I do eat – I did just eat a handful of white chocolate M&M’s and have a bag of potato chips at the ready for lunch (along with homemade pizza). That reason, and the fact that I really suck at taking food pictures.

Anyways  – I have a longer work day today as I am scheduled to cover another teacher’s class this afternoon. As I mentioned in my last “Day in the life” post, I only teach part time. I teach two periods, have one period as a prep, and then the last period is “free”. Because I teach periods 2 and 4 on odd number days and 1 and 3 on even days, I either show up later or go home early. Today is a ‘go home early’ day and I have an on-call now. So that means I am here for the entire day. Technically I have period 2 off – but I have to supervise a test at lunch and I do not have much time to go anywhere. I left the house at 7:15 and won’t be back til 5pm – which I am well aware is a ‘normal day’ for most of you – but again, I’m part-time. Pretty annoying – especially since there is a track meet today that I was hoping to go for. So instead I have been sitting here chillaxing on the internet and writing this blog post. Postive note – this is my last on-call, so it won’t happen again.


Last night I managed to get to track early enough to run a quick speed workout. I did 8x200m (with a warm up and cool down). I forgot to bring my compression capri pants, so lucky for me I had an emergency pair of shorts in my track bag. The shorts were my LuLuLemon reverse groove shorts that just send to ride up when I run faster. I had to pull down my shorts too many times. I think some shorts shopping is in order soon as my other Lululemon shorts (groovy run) are now a size too big and tend to fall down – yikes! The 8×200 were fine. Nice and short, but fast. I also left my watch on the kitchen counter so I had no idea how fast I was running but considering I hit :40 bang on most days, I’m pretty sure that is where I was at. Speaking of running gear – I need to pick up a pair of sunglasses as this happened:

photo 1 (11)

Thanks Max! Although I was never really happy with this pair. Any recommendations?

I’m not sure when the next run will be. I may try and go out tonight for a quick run as tomorrow we are busy and this weekend is a bit hectic with travelling/Easter. The temperatures are supposed to go back to usual Spring levels this weekend – but with some showers. Got to love Spring Running, right? But look – almost no more snow!

photo 2 (10)

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