‘Cause you’re hot then you’re cold..

Happy Monday!

I have finally finished report cards and all the final papers – thank goodness! I am also only teaching one class (but twice a day), so hopefully I have more time now. Yeah right.

Today was a nice warm day in Ottawa with the temperature going over 20C. But the temperature came with a catch as it was forecast to rain and thunderstorm starting in the afternoon. I was hoping that the rain would stay away until I got home from work so I could run a 5K. When 2pm arrived, I saw that I had a couple of hours before the rain arrived, so I booked it home and got ready for my run. Big difference in getting ready today as I only needed a hat, tank top and shorts! Wasn’t it just last week that I was in winter gear? The only bad thing about the weather was the wind. It was absolutely crazy windy out there. Although I was sheltered a bit from the wind for the first 1.5K, when I hit the Ottawa River Path, the wind intensified and I felt like I had a parachute attached to me. It was awful. I did plan on sticking with a 6:00/km pace and I struggled with that at some points. Other than KM 4 where I took a short walking break after battling wind head on for a KM, I hovered at the 6:00 mark (which I will mention why I wanted to be there below). Not an easy run for sure! The rain didn’t start until 5pm – Max wanted to play outside in the rain and I let him for a bit. I came home at hot and sweaty – then laughed because tomorrow we are dropping down to a balmy high of -3C with the chance of ice pellets, freezing rain, rain and snow (yes this is what the forecast is calling – an “all of the above” forecast)

So the reason why I am hovering at 6:00 is that 1) I believe it is the pace I will be going for the Ottawa Race Weekend and 2) I am a pace bunny for the upcoming Manotick Miler in the 5 mile race. I will be pacing the 48:00 group which means I will be holding a 6:00 or so pace. A little bit more race anxiety comes from being a pace bunny – but I rarely hit race pace in training runs for any race and I know that I hit around 50:00 during a training 8K run anyways. Now if it is a windy day like today – eek!

I also think it is time for new shoes. As soon as I start feeling little aches and pains, it means my shoes need replacing. I tend to have to buy two pairs a year and I think I have had my current pair since last summer. I just don’t have the $100+ dollars for a new pair of shoes during this month. Maybe in May!

What races are you running in the near future?

How do you tackle running in bad weather?

How often do you replace your shoes?



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  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    I’m not running any races in the near future… was hoping for a half marathon in Liverpool when I am abroad, but alas, the doctor says I will not be race ready until September…. I replace my shoes every 500 miles or so…. but if I start feeling aches and pains, then I’ll replace them sooner. It’s just so expensive! #HelpMeI’mPoor

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      September?!? Oh man 🙁

  2. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    I wish shoes weren’t so darn expensive! It’s insane. And the weather is all over the place here, too. Ah, spring. Such a weird season, haha.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It is! Hurry up summer!

  3. Crystal

    Hello! I just bought new shoes this week. I used to buy a lot more but I have curbed my spending this year. I usually buy a new pair after the snow melts becuase the snow ruins my shoes. Likely my new Mizunos will last for the year. I have the Calgary Marathon on June 1 and the Lost Souls 50K on Sept 7. I wear trail shoes for my trail running which seem to last longer.

    Have a great Easter.


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