Goodbye Dome!

Tonight I said goodbye to our indoor track location as we are moving outdoors to Terry Fox next week (the kids still have Thursday and Saturday). Although the indoor track is only a 5 minute drive away from home – there are some things I will not miss about the dome:

1) Dome Headaches – a few of us find that we get headaches in the pressurized environment, especially when you are in the dome for too long

2) Not being able to see the full 4oom track – The inner part of the dome is filled with soccer fields and a volleyball court – therefore you cannot see the whole track. Basically your visual is about 100m in any direction. It is hard to watch everyone! Usually we would have one coach at one end, and another at the finish line. At Terry Fox we can see everyone at all times

3) Crowded lanes! There are numerous groups in our organization. My group alone is over 35 people. With a 4-lane 400m track and quite possibly 200 athletes on the track – it gets rather crowded. Coupled with the lack of visuals – collisions do happen. “Watch the Track!!!” is yelled all.the.time.

4) Lack of hills right across from the track – my athletes *may* disagree with this one – but the nearest hill is about a 5 minute run away. At Terry Fox – we just walk through the gate and BOOm – Hills! I shall be making friends with the hill myself

5) Rushing to the track on school day 1 scheduled days – I am always booking it to the dome when I finish work later. Now I work 15 minutes away from the track

Although we are moving outdoors and I’m rather happy about that, there are a few things I will miss:

1) Being only 5-10 minutes from home. It allows me to chill a bit after practice and not have to rush home. Also if P can’t pick up Max for whatever reason, I cannot make it to track on time if we are at Terry Fox (if I leave Orleans at 5pm, I barely make it to the track for 5:30).

2) Weather – we practice rain or shine outdoors – so on rainy nights, I get wet….and cold. One of our last practices in the Fall was super cold!

3) Seagulls and other birds – They fly in huge groups over us and one time they pooped on my bag 🙁

4) That is about it…..

photo 1 (5)

Let the outdoor season begin!


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