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This week has been a little insane, hence the lack of posts this week. Even as I type, I’m trying to decide between going to track for an indoor meet or running 8-10K. I think I am planning on long run for Saturday morning/afternoon too, so I don’t know. Anyways – Three Things Thursday time:


1. WE Day

I went to We Day yesterday on behalf of the Ottawa Mommy Club blog that I write for and Telus. It was tons of fun (but also exhausting).  I will be posting my recap and photos at Ottawa Mommy Club – I will post the link when the post is live. But first, let me show a selfie:

photo 3 (5)


(Kardinal Offishall and I)

2. Saving Mr. Banks

We watched Saving Mr. Banks last night. Pretty good film – but the truth is, any movie with Tom Hanks is a good movie in my opinion. I think we realized that we need to re-watch Mary Poppins one of these days. I also want to go to Disney Land (well, more like World) and eat churros and drink margaritas.

3. Need a new April/early May Race

I had originally planned on being a pace bunny for the Manotick Miler – 5 miles race, but I don’t think that is going to happen as we might we away that weekend (and if I don’t go, P will probably be going regardless). So I want to pick another early May race before Ottawa Race weekend. I want a race longer than 5K, preferably a 10K. Any thoughts? Because races are expensive, I might just forgo an April/early May race and concentrate on the Ottawa Race Weekend. I also have to sign up for Army Run sometime soon as well.

Alright time to photocopy!

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  1. Kristi

    Do you ever check out I know there have been a few posts recently about upcoming races, some I have never done. Maybe there would be something there?


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