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In all my tummy issues over the past few weeks, I have started looking a bit more closely at the ingredient listing in fuel that I use during a run/workout. I have quickly found out that a few things, like sorbitol do not work for me. The issue with sorbitol is that it is found in many sports drinks. It isn’t good if I have a sports drink that makes me not feel good and cause me to walk (or even stop) in a race.  Luckily, I have found some sports drinks that work rather well with my tricky tummy.

I was given the opportunity, as a Sweat Pink Ambassador, to try out Vega’s Pre-Workout Energizer. Vega Sport products are all-natural, plant-based performance enhancement systems that were developed to help athletes perform at their best: before, during and after training/competition.  The Pre-Workout energizer is plant-based, dairy, gluten and soy free and contains no artificial flavours. The drink is to be mixed with one cup (250ml) of cold water and be drunk twenty minutes prior to exercise. A note on the box does note to check with your medical professional (especially if you are on medication) before drinking the drink nor is it recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Throughout my training, I have been looking for fuel and drinks that are not going to aggravate my stomach and help prevent me from feeling super hungry during a race. The general rule of thumb for those who have GI issues during running is to not eat 2 hours before you set out for a longer run. But that also does not work for me – I get hungry!  It is crucial when running a longer race (like a half or full marathon) that one is properly fuelled (*cough* look what happened on Sunday). Even in a 5K race a few years back, I remember being hungry!


This is where Vega’s Fuel Your Better campaign comes in handy. The Fuel Your Better website helps you build a specialized fuel plan based on your needs. The Pre-workout energizer is obviously the drink you have before you work out is said to provide immediate and sustained energy, increases endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacity and enhances mental focus.


So what was my take on the drink?

I had the drink before every run for the last couple of weeks. I have to admit that on first glance, the powder looks a little gross. It also is a bit hard to mix if you are just using a regular kitchen glass. I found that mixing it in a sports bottle was the way to go (just make sure to rinse it out after). The drink is available in easy to store, single packets – which one can easily throw into their bag. What I would normally do was to prepare the drink at work, then drink it on my drive home (which takes about 25 minutes). By the time I was at home, I was ready to go. I really liked the taste. In fact, I think the taste of the Pre-Workout energizer is significantly better than regular sports drinks that make my mouth feel too sugary after. I find that other drinks are just too sugary for me and leave an aftertaste. I did not find that at all while drinking Vega’s pre-workout drink! In terms of performance enhancement, I would say that I feel less sleepy during a run. Even on the day that I went out and ran after night class at the end of a busy day, I did not feel super tired. But it wasn’t like I felt as if I was going to take-off and go super fast either. I have been feeling like I’ve been having some great training runs lately. I would be very curious to try a complete fuelling system to see how Vega Sport Drinks can Fuel your better. I will be purchasing a few other Vega Sport products to try before my half marathon in less than two weeks.

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If you are interested in learning more about Vega Sport Products and the Fuel Your Better program – visit their Fuel Your Better website and connect with them on social media:

Twitter – @VegaTeam

Instagram – @Vega_team


Disclaimer: I was given a box of Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer to try because of my involvement as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. As always all opinions are my own.

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