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Since I am only working part-time, prices on everything from Hydro to Natural Gas are going up – our budget has become a bit more tight. Therefore we eat out significantly less and I try my best to meal plan for the week and really only buy what we need. I have also stopped buying coffee out (I haven’t been to Starbucks in months), started bringing breakfast to work and made sure to buy enough food/snacks for lunch so I am not tempted to buy the golden, delicious fries at the school cafeteria. Actually, I’ve only bought a muffin from the cafe, that is it! It helps that the school cafeteria is full of ‘tummy-hurting’ foods, not the awesome lunches I received at my semester one school.

For meal planning, I tend to plan only dinners. P and I have access to refrigerators and microwaves, so it is easy to bring leftovers to school. I am also happy with sandwiches from time to time as well – including my fave: cheese, tomato and avocado! I buy my groceries from either Farm Boy or Independent Grocers – both have reasonable prices, good produce and their own brands of your everyday staples like salsa, juice, eggs and baked goods (I’m aware that list was random). Farm Boy is basically your “grocery store perimeter” kind of store with lots of produce, dairy, fresh meat and fish and a bakery. There are some staples there but they are a bit more expensive and there isn’t much variety. So when I need laundry soap, cookies, pasta and that sort of thing, I have to make a stop at the Independent.

This week’s haul from Farm Boy:



Ignore the oreos and chips – they are just on the counter 😉

What I purchased:

– a small chicken on sale

– chicken kabobs for dinner

– 1 mild italian sausage for Max’s dinner

– Eggs

– Bananas

– Apples

– Potatoes

– Cucumber

– Raspberries

– Strawberries

– Carrots

– Cherry Tomatoes

– Chocolate Milk

– Tuna

– Farm Boy Salsa

– Bread

– Tortillas

– Pie (Farm Boy makes most excellent pies)

The total came to around $56. I have some other items on hand for this week’s dinners, including some meat in the freezer that I need to make something with. I still have to get some milk (Max’s milk is almost $2 cheaper at Target) and frozen peas.

This week’s meals:

Saturday – BBQ Chicken kabobs and salad (salad is leftover) – I may make some pasta salad too as I have a long run scheduled and salad+run = disaster

Sunday – Roast Chicken and Potatoes

Monday – Tuna Noodle Casserole – super easy and so good.

Tuesday – Spaghetti or sausages (sausages were bought last week – spaghetti sauce is frozen in the freezer). This is “boys night” since I’m in class

Wednesday – Salsa Chicken (chicken is frozen in the freezer and might use leftover roast chicken). Chicken is cooked in the slower cooker and then I put it on tortillas with avocado and cheese.

Thursday – Leftover night as there is bound to be some

Friday – Whatever I pick up from the store – if weather is nice, something on the BBQ like burgers

and that is that! Max eats pretty much what we eat, but I also add tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh fruit on his plate. I probably should be eating some of that too 😉


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  1. Carmy

    Can you adopt me? LOL your meals sound delicious!
    Carmy recently posted…Real Runners vs Fake RunnersMy Profile

  2. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    I really hope that when the time comes for me to do my residency, I get matched to a program on the mainland. I’m so sick of how expensive our produce is here in NL! And it’s already kind of old by the time it gets here. Grr.
    Lisa from Lulu’s Big Adventure recently posted…Review: Bare Snacks Apple Chips & Thermos Filtration Water BottleMy Profile


    Great work at the store! We have put ourselves on a very strict budget (it actually feels like we got a raise ~ I love it) and I make meal plans for the week, too. This week I’ll be defrosting chili and BBQ beef that I have leftover from meals made in weeks past. It sounds like it is going to be a tasty week at your house 🙂 recently posted…2014 Run for the Mountain 10K ~ Race RecapMy Profile


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