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Happy Monday!


There were many races yesterday – hope everyone had a good time at whatever race they were running! Ottawa was a bit quiet on the race-front but there was the CN Cycle for CHEO yesterday. Of course, the next biggest race for Ottawa is Ottawa Race Weekend. It is completely sold out – and bib transfer period is over – so everyone who is in it, is ready to go (maybe?). Of course, I am running the half marathon rather than my usual 5K/10K. I definitely had some thoughts last week about switching to the 10K as I knew that if I ran the 10K, I would have a kick-ass race – the half?  Maybe! There have been some issues this week – some are TMI, so you have been warned…

Last weekend I ran 11Km on Friday, 8Km on Sunday, 5K on Thursday and 6K on Saturday. All steady runs – everything about the actual process of running felt great but a big issue that creeped its ugly head was GI issues (again – you have been warned). For those who run, you know exactly what I am talking about as pretty much every runner has had potty issues in their training. If you are not a runner and see a runner with a bit of a panic on their face before a race – it may not be because they are nervous, but because they haven’t taken care of business yet. I am not a stranger to this issue. Even before running, there are certain foods that I cannot eat without having problems: melted processed cheese, anything from Harvey’s or A&W, anything too greasy, Gabriel’s Pizza (a pizza chain here in Ottawa). A key common theme you can see is cheese and fatty foods. So therefore I avoid those foods, especially when travelling or when running. There was this time I thought it was a brilliant idea to eat ice cream and drink orange juice. What happened after is I spent half the evening in bed going “whhhyyyy??!!”. There was also the time I thought it was a good idea to eat an ice cream sundae from McD’s and then run – after 3K, I was done!

This week was a bit different. Every run that I completed starting with the 11K on Friday, I got about 4-5K in and felt uneasy. Uneasy meaning I knew that it was almost “my time” but not an emergency. It was more annoying than anything – but it does set up some anxiety, which also can speed things up as well. No cramping or anything like that – just annoying. So I spent the past few days thinking about what I’ve changed in my diet that could be causing things to go a bit wonky – and I think that I’ve been eating more bread lately (in the form of sandwiches), a bit more cheese (in lunches) and also have been chewing gum that contains sorbitol (a known “issue” ingredient). So hopefully if I cut down the cheese and cut out the gum we should be good to go. I’m also a bit sad that I am not going to be able to try my Nuun tablets that I just received in the mail from a blog contest. The #2 ingredient is sorbitol. I will try it after the half for sure! In terms of the upcoming half – I think having portapotties during the half will bring down the anxiety. I could care less about stopping in a race for that reason – and odds are I will be stopping for at least a #1 break at some point. I also will make sure that I eat properly during the days before the race.


Another issue that came up in the last week was my shin splints. But nothing too serious – it just is a sign that I need to replace my shoes. The pain isn’t anything severe, but again, just annoying. This happened in the fall too and once I changed my shoes, it was fine. So off to the Running Room I went to see my shoe-lady. I tried on the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 (I currently wear the 9) and Mizuno Paradox for comparison. The Wave Inspires felt lighter and with good support, so I stuck with them. The only sad thing is that the shoes came in blue or white – not pink! I went with the blue.


Another issue that I can totally see happening is running in the rain. It isn’t as bad as running in deep cold – but still annoying. The weather has been sucking again, and I can totally see it raining on Ottawa Race Weekend. I guess I have to start preparing for that? I’m not sure even what to wear on a rainy day as the worst rain-weather I have ever experienced in a race is just drizzle and for drizzle, I just suck it up. Any suggestions?

Other than that – I am feeling stronger for this half marathon than my last. Clearly my long runs have been on the short side. Next Sunday I plan on running up to 16-18Km rain or shine (actually it looks like it will be a nice day!). If I can get up to 17K, I am fine for the half as that is where I ended last time. I also plan on breaking up the run into two stages or doing loops in case I have to make a pit-stop. I’m honestly not worried at all – am I going to go sub-2hrs on this half? Nope! Am I going to PB – probably! My A-goal is about 2:10 which would give me an 18-minute PB. In the meantime I will continue with my 5-12K runs on a regular basis. I am probably going to take Max in the chariot tonight for a short 5K run – 30lbs of toddler added should make things interesting 😉

Do you have any suggestions for bathroom issues? Running in downpours?

What shoes do you wear?

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  1. Kim

    I just want to say….thanks for writing this post! I signed up for the Army half coming up in September (my first one!) and no joke this issue was the first thing I thought of! I am in the 10K at the race weekend and I was assured by a friend that there are lots of places to ahem “make a stop” if needed!! Good luck on your half 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Yes there is! If the water station set up is the same it is at 4KM, 7KM and 9KM – all water stations have a porta potty. And before the race there is portapotty city! I’ve never had to wait for more than 2 minutes during the big Ottawa races!

      Good luck on the 10K!!

  2. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    Tummy troubles are the most uncomfortable during a run. No fun. 🙁 Also, if you think the weather sucks over there, it’s definitely worse here! It’s actually awful. Freezing cold and we’re supposed to get 10cm of snow tonight. So grumpy.
    Lisa from Lulu’s Big Adventure recently posted…Mundy Pond 5K RecapMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I heard you got more than 10 cm 🙁

  3. Nicole

    You are going to rock the half!!

    Bathroom issues during run and races are the worst!!

    Nice new shoes!

  4. Kristi

    As you look at what you are eating, think about eliminating/decreasing the amount of bread you are having prior to the race. Gluten can have some nasty effects on the gut. I avoid most gluten throughout training but that last week I stay right away from it and in the last couple of days I avoid most milk products. In those last days I stick to rice, potatoes and gluten free pasta. It seems to help a bit but this issue still remains the most stressful part of race days or long run days.

    Love the shoes!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’ve already started to cut back on the gluten and it seems to be working! I also noticed that last week I was super bloated too. I had a very successful run the other day and hope to get back out there today!

  5. Brittany

    UGGHH you know how I feel about these issues, I JUST had them with my half. SO SHITTY, no pun intended. Seriously, runners trots will be the death of me. Sending you good vibes to EXPEL EVERYTHING before your race.


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