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Happy Wednesday!


It is finally spring time here in Ottawa and yesterday’s weather did not disappoint. I managed to get a 7K run in before having to pick up Max and head to night class. I sprinted home, changed, went to the bathroom and booked it. I finished the 7K run in 41:00 which gave me enough time to have a quick shower, throw some clothes on and run out the door. Unlike the last few runs, this one was great! As in, NO bathroom issues! YAY! The only thing that was a bit off, was that I went too fast in the beginning and the last few KM’s were a bit of a struggle. Also, for runs longer than 5K, I really need to bring some water. But it was a good run. Also, it was the first run in the new shoes – what a difference.


When I posted the Runner’s Issues post on Monday, I noticed that there seemed to be a poop-theme going on with runner’s lately. Even one of the RunChat questions asked if anything embarrassing happened when you ran and a whole bunch of runners just tweeted “LOL” (your LOL is a nice try, but we all know what you mean). So it got me thinking about how many of us have either been through “fun times” or have done something that we would now consider silly.


So therefore:




#1 Worn Cotton Shirts while running


When I first started running, I had not heard of tech material shirts. So my first few (well more than a few…) runs wearing old 100% cotton t-shirts. I was a sweaty mess!  Now I very rarely wear cotton t-shirts (unless the t-shirt means something). Tech material all the way!


#2 Gone out way too fast during a training run *0r even a race*

How many of you went out way too quickly the first couple of times you ran? I remember barely making it 600m and wanting to die. It even happens in races – gun goes off and everyone takes off and you think to yourself “weeee, I’m RUNNING! YAY!” and you take off faster than the elites….

Then you don’t feel so good.



You fall – like this – and sleep a little 


#3 Picked out shoes not knowing anything about support, over-pronating, minimalist or anything that we now utter all the time. You picked out shoes because you liked the colour and/or the price.

My track athletes are notorious for this – they pick out shoes for the colour/style! When I first started buying my own running shoes, I just tried them on and that was it. I had zero clue about anything else. It wasn’t until I went to the Running Room and had them watch me run/walk that I realized I needed supportive shoes. Although I still get a little sad if the model/make of the shoe I require isn’t in a colour I really like.


The right shoes happened to be the right colour too! 

#4 – Gone to the bathroom outside.

It happens! I only have gone #1 during an adventure race (there are no bathrooms and the race is 8+ hours long). But – it does happen! I would count random portapotties in this category!


#5 Worn a Race T-shirt during the actual race

During Ottawa Race Weekend, you will see tons of people wearing their race t-shirts (especially the kids running the 2K!) – but for some (including myself), I do not run in the race t-shirt until after the race. But, at one point I did run in the race t-shirt! It is kind of a thing? I believe the first couple of rounds of ORW I wore the given shirt. Now I use it as my recovery shirt for after. Or if it is an ugly cotton t-shirt, stored away for a throw-away layer for next time.

IMG_4364 (1)

I have no intention of wearing this over-sized T-shirt but I do wear the hat!

#6 Tripped and fallen

Who hasn’t had a spill yet? I fell for the first time this winter. It happens! Whether it is because of weather, shoe laces, or simply you ran into a pole – runners fall!



I really think that most (if not all of us) have done the above. Any others you can think of?

There are also lots of other issues that come up – but maybe not to everyone (yet):

– Peeing your pants

– Pooping your pants

– Gotten lost in a race

– Had a snot rocket gone wrong and had boogers on your face that you didn’t know about

– Puked your guts out

– Slept in and missed a race

– Forgot your sports bra and just ran with a regular bra

– Bloody nipples

– Run with a piece of portapotty toilet paper stuck to your shoes

– Cried in a race

– known about an awful race picture of yourself and try to delete it from the internets forever

– Run someone onto a pile of doggy doodoo

and tons more! I bet a bunch of you have already done some of the above mentioned items!


Things happen to runners while they train and race! The lovely thing about Twitter and blogs is that we can easily find out that we are not alone!


Happy Running!

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  1. Brittany

    HAHA YES! Man, running is such a cute sport. I will say I REFUSE to wear a race shirt FOR the race I am running. I have to “earn” it before I wear it!
    Brittany recently posted…Gluten & Dairy Free Carb LoadingMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I still remember volunteering at the Ottawa Marathon last year and telling my group of students that perhaps they should consider going to the portapotty before the runners came through. They asked why and I said “well, they will need it more than you, and yeah….you will see what happens”. After when we were packing up, some of the boys had to “investigate” the portapotty and one came out yelling “OMG – SOMEONE’S POOP IS ORANGE!!! WHY!!!???” – still cracks me up!

  2. Nicole

    Oh runners are a special kind of people!! I don’t think I have ever worn a race shirt before the race- I follow the rule of not wearing something new on race day. I have worn a race shirt of a race that I didn’t do though. I DNS a couple triathlons but still wore the shirt. Hey, I trained for them and paid the $$ race fee so I can wear the shirt if I want to!

    I’ve never actually bought running shoes solely for colour/price but I used to buy cross trainers that way. I’m not sure how big of a deal fit is for cross trainers though?

    I don’t think I’ve ever worn a cotton shirt for running, unless you count my gym strip in high school! I have an unhealthy addiction to Lululemon and was a gym rat long before I started running.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Gym shirts in high school count! I’m having flashbacks of my high school gym uniform – so not fashionable at all (baggy shorts and t-shirts)

      yes – runners are special!

  3. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    I peed my pants this winter when it was really cold and I was in Chicago. My bladder just let it go… oops! I’ve also puked…and pooped outside. Haha why do we do this to ourselves?
    Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom recently posted…If You Could….My Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      LOL – I have no idea! I have yet to puke, but I’ve come close. I’m pretty sure I peed myself on the bike portion of my tri last year!

  4. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    2, 3, 4, and 6! Definitely. I used to be really bad for going out too fast during 5Ks, but I’m working on it!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      me too! I tend to be slower on longer races – but not all the time. That race I did last weekend was strong because I had a very slow first KM. I have to remember this in a couple of weeks for my half marathon – got to not go out super fast! For 5KM, I am a serial positive splitter.

  5. Carmy

    Oh my goodness. I am sooo glad I found you! I love finding other Canadian Runner/Bloggers!
    Carmy recently posted…Giveway! Giveaway!My Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Yay!!!! Welcome 🙂


    Thank you for making me smile! I love it! recently posted…2014 Run for the Mountain 10K ~ Race RecapMy Profile


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