Thinking Out Loud Thursday #7

Thursday’s are great! Except no more TV shows 🙁


As usual, it is time to link up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for a little Thinking Out Loud Thursday action!





#1 – Max was busy colouring yesterday after we got back from the indoor playground. When he was finished he showed me his drawing:


photo 2 (18)


I asked him what the drawing was and he said “It Max!!”. So cute!


#2 – Speaking of cute kids – I just saw the cutest toddler triplet boys at the McDonalds (getting coffee – don’t judge). They were wearing matching outfits and holding hands. Adorable!


#3 Today is a big track meet day for the team. It is the Eastern Ontario finals today, which is the last meet before provincials next week. Of course, I have to go to Ottawa U tonight, so I will only get to catch the 200m semi’s and the 300m/400m Finals. The meet goes into tomorrow, but I will be missing all of the events as I am on a field trip. It is a fun field trip to the House of Commons for Question Period though!


#4 One pet peeve of mine is hearing people chew. It doesn’t bother me in restaurants or when I’m eating – just if a person is eating by themselves close to me. *Shudder*

#5 I like this place:

photo 1 (19)


#6 – I am 90% sure that I will be teaching an online course this summer instead of traditional in class (where I teach all day long minus a 40 minute lunch). It will be a nice change as I can literally work from my backyard!  I should find out in the next couple of weeks what my position will be. If I am not given an online position, I am back at my usual summer school spot which is 5 minutes from my house. NO MORE COMMUTING!


#7 One of my co-workers always answers his phone on speaker phone and we (myself and two other teachers) here EVERYTHING. Most of the time it is just his baby, but still. It is currently happening right now. It is a cross between annoying and hilarious.


and lastly


#8 I earned another runner’s badge this weekend – blisters! I have never had blisters from running before – so this is quite a surprise and was mostly cause by my compression socks (I very rarely wear them other than long runs – if I even wear them). The blisters didn’t burst and my toesies should be back to normal soon. I will spare you the picture.


K – Time for workies!


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  1. Carmy

    Online courses = working in pajamas. Win!
    Carmy recently posted…Think Out Loud Thursdays #2My Profile

  2. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    OMG I can NOT even tell you how much I hate the sound of people chewing. It’s honestly the most awful thing.
    Lisa from Lulu’s Big Adventure recently posted…Road Trip from Canada to France: Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (Part Two)My Profile


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