Bread and Honey 5K Race Recap

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I’ve finally returned from three days of Track and Field/Running action. I’m pretty tired today and think I need another weekend to recover from the weekend! OFSAA went really really well. I arrived on Friday morning, after battling a bit of Toronto traffic to the track just before the events were to start. Parking was a little intense at first, but I parked by some warehouses that offered their parking lots to visiting OFSAA participants/spectators. I accidently turned onto a residential street before that and people were parked on both sides of the street. It was chaos! I even saw a car scratched because cars couldn’t move through the streets. So, I avoided that area for the rest of the weekend. Our kids did really well – lots of medals and PBs. If you would like to see a video of one of the athletes from my previous team win a bronze medal (plus her surprised reaction), you can click here and go to the Ottawa Lions youtube channel. It was a fun weekend!

Whenever I travel, I try and see what races are happening in that particular location. I noticed that the Bread and Honey 5K/15K was happening, so I scheduled a 5K race into my weekend!  It is an older race, having run for 36 years. It is always nice to run a race in a local area too!

Race Kit Pick-up


Race kits were to be picked up at a Mississauga Running Room location. Therefore no expo (but a running store!) and no line ups. I arrived after track on Friday (the track was conveniently 10 minutes away from the store). There was no line up, so I picked up my bib and bag of goodies right away. The best part was that you got a choice in t-shirt: tech t-shirt or tank from New Balance. I went for the tank as I prefer running in tanks and need a few more for the summer. It was red (t-shirt was black) and fits well. Inside the goodie bag was a water bottle, two Clif protein bars, a few samples of SportsSuds and magazines/flyers. Great race kit if you ask me.

photo 1 (21)

Race Location/Parking

The race is located in Streetsville which is in Mississauga (Mississauga used to be an area of 5-6 smaller towns, Streetsville is one of them, I went to school in Port Credit which is another example). Streetsville on a Sunday morning only takes 15 minutes or so of driving from my parents house. Parking was provided a block away at the local train station – which had more than enough free spots available for all 1000+ participants. Pretty easy! The race started at the high school in the area, and had portapotties and “deluxe” washrooms inside. There was a bag check and ample spots to warm up. I got there with 40 minutes to spare and was able to get to the washroom quite quickly. The line up was much better with 20 minutes to go. Soon enough it was time to line up!

One random comment – someone (a runner sitting on the ground) said “see all these people running around? Don’t they know they are racing?” Umm, ever hear of a warm-up? Totally random…

The Race


I had just spent 2 full days at the track and was mighty tired. I went to the movies the night before and had not been sleeping more than 5 hours for the past few nights. I felt ok – but the thing with being busy for two days and eating crappy food, is that my insides were not “race ready” if you know what I mean 😉 Everything was taken care of, but a mix of being tired, sunburnt, eating slightly unhealthy foods and probably a tad bit dehydrated was that I felt like poop right at the beginning of the race. I knew that I had to run a massive 2+ minute PB to place top 3 in my category, so I just decided to wing it for this race. I did not run with my Garmin nor any music. I did have a simple Timex sports watch on to see my overall time/half splits. It was also 20C when I started running and a bit muggy.

Mississauga Mayor, Hazel McCallion was the official starter and she said “it wasn’t too hot or too cold”. Someone beside me had a chuckle with me, because we knew it was warm. Soon enough we were off – all 5K and 15K runners started together. The race route took us through a residential street and then the business street of Streetsville. It was not a flat route, but because it was essentially an out and back route, the uphills and downhills matched. The first KM was uphill for the first bit, followed by a hill, then down another hill and up it again. You then turned right onto the major street, which was fairly flat. I did glance at my watch as I passed the 1K marker, and noticed 5:29 – which is actually a slower KM1 for me (in terms of 5K running). There was barely anyone out and the people that were watching us were very quiet for the most part. I was in the top 100 pack of the race, but not 100% sure because of the mix of the two races. We turned onto a side street and arrived at the water station just past 3K. I walked through the water station and made sure to drink all my water, as I felt like I needed water 500m into the race (despite having tons of water before). I noticed my watch at 3K said 16:22 which is pretty standard for a 3K – and pretty much sticking 5:30 pace.

I felt pretty sluggish and was surprised that I was moving along at this pace (which is about a minute faster than my half marathon pace). Ideally, I like to be in the 5:10/km range, but that isn’t going to happen without training at a faster pace and including some speed work. I was happy enough to stay at 5:30/km. The last two KM were back the same way, so we went down a hill, then up a hill, then down a hill and up again. They were not too bad though – I managed to keep running up without slowing down my pace too much. I did feel really hot and not 100%. 5K’s are way more rough than half marathons – but this was a bit different. As I rounded the corner back to the start/finish line, I started to pick up the pace with about 800m to go. I noticed a younger teen running beside me, along with a runner in her 40s. I also was behind another older runner – I decided to keep up with them as they were moving at my pace. I remember hearing the girl go “ohh mannnn” at one point. As soon as I saw the finish line at about 400m to go, I started passing them. I passed the girl and 40-something runner first, but could hear the girl trying to keep up with me. The older runner was the hardest to pass, but I ended up passing her right at the end (literally right at the end – we were pretty much together on the mats looking at the race photos). I crossed the line at 27:37, but had a chip time of 27:24.

As I made through the chute – I noticed the girl heaving into a bucket. I hope I didn’t contribute to her vomiting…..

Speaking of vomiting – there were a few people that were sick. Yikes!

I went and grabbed water right away but didn’t puke *yay*. I checked to make sure I did not place top 3 (I didn’t) and then went back to my car. I had a nice chat with another runner who asked me about my compression sleeves. Soon enough I was home and showered! Yay for local races! I did not get any race food – but they had bagels, bananas and yoghurt.

I placed:

7th/34 in my age category

66/421 for females

212/710 overall. 

Not bad! In order to place top 3, I would have had to break into the 23:00 area, which isn’t happening. The 4th place was in the 26:00 range, and 5-8th were all pretty close together. I’m not in PB shape right now and felt like garbage. 27ish is pretty standard for me now. I am more happy with my kick at the end and staying steady, which is a pretty big deal for me in a 5K scenario where my KM splits tend to be VERY positive.

The Bread and Honey 5K was a fun event. Would I travel for it? No – but it is a great event for those who happen to be in the area. It had a great race kit, the route was a bit challenging – but not bad, and the photos were done by Zoom Photo, which means there are some nice race photos at a reasonable price. Check the race out next year if interested – but be warned, it did sell out this year!

photo 2 (20)

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  1. Carmy

    Great time! I love it when chip time is faster than my watch haha.
    And that is SUCH a cute medal! Maybe I’ll do it next year!
    Carmy recently posted…I’m a Goal Digger. Are you?My Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      You should!!!

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Oh my gosh, that medal is so cute!! And yay for not puking 😉
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…My First Code Blue & Patients Who Won’t Talk to MeMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Lots of good things about this race – and yes the medal is super cute!


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