Happy National Running Day!

My twitter and blog feeds are exploding with “Happy Running Day” messages. It is National Running Day, and since most of the people I follow are runners – everyone is excited. I will be running today after work. Thankfully the Ottawa Weather Gods are smiling at us and providing a perfect running day – partially cloudy and 21C. I am running a 5K race on Sunday as well.

Right now I am in “transition” mode in terms of training. I have only run once since the half marathon last week and will probably only run once more (today) before my 5K. I have a month off before I start marathon training and really don’t want to feel pressured to get out there and train when I am about to head on a 18 week training adventure. So basically at this particular moment, I run when I feel like it.


One of the statements that people are making today in regards to National Running Day is the reason why we run. I started running in 2009 because I was bored as I was not working full time. I was a total newbie runner wearing discount running shoes, a cotton t-shirt and a red face from huffin’ and puffin’. Eventually I signed up for my first 5K (Ottawa Race Weekend 2010) and after that I was hooked. I have since competed in over 20 5K races, two half marathons ,one 10K, a 5 miler and will tackle the marathon in the fall. I have made great improvements in my running as well. My first 5K was run in 33:00 and last fall I was able to run it in 26:14.


I run because I can and because it is fun. If I didn’t find running fun, I wouldn’t be running – plain and simple. Even though I was feeling fairly miserable during the half marathon (because of the heat) – I smiled, laughed and overall had a great time. When I get to race with students and friends, I get even more pumped up. I love that I make people smile when I wear things like green tutus and banana suits. Even if I am not running, I enjoy cheering people on (Heisenberg sign, and the fact I am taking an unpaid day to watch track on Friday). When people I know want to tell me about their running progress and races – I am proud of them and genuinely surprised that apparently I am a bit of a influence. There are so many things I enjoy about running, so I think the “can’t stop, won’t stop” phrase is pretty relatable to my running.

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Copyright Ian Hunter (2013)

Copyright Ian Hunter (2013)

This summer, my running will change. Training for a marathon is no easy feat. Not only do I have to run longer and more often than I have ever had before – I have to take care of myself and try to avoid injury. My overall plan for marathon training is to run 3x a week (long, steady, tempo runs) and cross train on non-running days. I am hoping that being enrolled at Goodlife Fitness again will help with my strength training and other cardio if my legs are not feeling 100%. I will also be using Goodlife for treadmill runs on super humid days or when there is a thunderstorm. I did this the other day when it was 30C+ and muggy. I did a quick 3 mile run on the treadmill before having to pick up Max.


I am enjoying reading everyone’s Running Day posts and tweets. I’m glad that I have found such a great community to be part of. I have met many runners over the past year that I’ve met online (through this blog or twitter) and hope to meet many more in the future. Happy Running Day Everyone!


Disclosure:  This post and future posts regarding Goodlife Fitness are being written as part of the Goodlife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program.

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  1. Cori @ olivetorun.com

    YES! To the part about not running if you didn’t find it fun. Why the heck would you do it then? I love that you approach it with that attitude- it should be enjoyed 🙂
    Cori @ olivetorun.com recently posted…National Running Day: I Run Link UpMy Profile

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Oh my gosh, running in 30+ weather is NOT something I’m used to. Great post, and I LOVE the banana costume! Amazing.
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…ANE One-Mile Race RecapMy Profile


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