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This morning I went for my running assessment at a physiotherapy office in Kanata. The PT was referred to me by my GP who went to a “Running Injuries” clinic and heard that this PT was the one to go to for runners. It was kind of annoying to go all the way to Kanata (which is on the other side of the city), but traffic was bad at all. We found out a couple of items about my running that could be causing my shin splint issue – especially as I go higher up in mileage. A few things I already had a hunch about, but a few were new.

The Running assessment consisted of the following

– Discussion about running history, anything about injuries, and what I had been doing so far

– Examination of my running shoes to look over tread patterns

– Strength, balance and flexibility tests

– Quick exam of my leg muscles

– Video recording of running on a treadmill at a comfortable pace (at an 11 minute mile – which is my talking pace)


From the assessment we discovered:


1) My cadence count is too low. I was clocked at 153 steps per minute – I should be at around 170. Meaning, my stride is a bit too long – hence why my calves are feeling like the do.

2) As predicted, my legs are all over the place. My arms, back and overall stance is fine – but my legs basically cross over each other and wobble all over the place – forcing me to compensate to not fall down.I also have barely any push-off

3) Overall weakness in the core and glute muscles, causing a variety of issues – including leaning to the side and the push off problem.


After the assessment, I was shown the video and we went through a variety of running form issues to work through. Biggest step right now is to work on my cadence, work on running with my feet apart (which feels really weird – but I can feel my core better engaged) and some strengthening exercises. My PT also said I don’t need the heavy stability shoes – and I could work with minimalist shoes. I went to Sports 4 (best running gear store in Ottawa) – and picked up last year’s (and now retired) Mizuno Wave Musha shoes for my shorter distance runs.

It was great to have someone else look at my running style. Everything she was talking about I understood because I pretty much tell my track athletes the same thing. It is just hard to comment on my own running when I cannot see what I’m doing. The cost of the running assessment was $140 – I should be able to have this covered by my insurance as it was a referral from my GP. If you are from Ottawa and would like the name of the physio therapist, just write me an email!




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  1. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Great that you were to have someone help identify your issues! I’ve totally stopped working on my core and glute strength, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my running (not for the better haha).
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Friends & Fun Times in BarcelonaMy Profile


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