NYC Marathon Training: Week 5

Another week has come and gone – is it just me or do marathon training plans go by really quickly? Perhaps it is just because I’m still in the ‘easy’ part. With the first initial base building period done, it was time to start mixing up the workouts: moving from just steady/long runs to tempo/hills/steady and long runs.



Training Runs this Week:


Monday – Off

Tuesday – 6K with hills in 38:00

This run was all about beating the rain. There was some substantial rain in the radar – so I set off to do a 6K loop with a few hills added. I live near a highway with overpasses only 2K away – which serves as an excellent warm up. After the initial 2K warm-up, I set up over the overpass and then up a gradual hill that leads to “upper Orleans” (Orleans has a distinct hill that kind of separates the two parts of Orleans). The second hill after the overpass is much bigger – but I did not make it up the big hill as 3K beeped as I was halfway up. I went back down (but still had to go back up the overpass) and arrived home at the precise moment it started to rain!

The only thing about this workout was the the hills, although not really challenging during the workout, kind of did something to my left leg muscles. Not sure what the little pains are about – but it could be because I have been on relatively flat ground since June. I don’t think I’ve tackled a large hill since the Ottawa Half Marathon.


Wednesday – Off

Thursday – 3K in 20:00

Ugh – Piece of advice – never, ever, ever eat Wendy’s right before a run.

I almost hurled

That is all there is to say about that – other than I stopped at 3K (was supposed to do a 6K tempo).

Friday – 16K long run in 1:55

I had to move my 16K run to Friday because I was alone this weekend and there is no way I am running a long run with Max in the chariot. It just isn’t going to happen. S0, with Max at daycare, I started running at 9am under a cool and cloudy morning. The weather was absolutely perfect for running, couldn’t ask for more. I did wear a long sleeved shirt – but I did not get overly hot nor was I cold. Because P was not in the country – I took my phone with me and stuck to areas that were no farther than 4K away from my house. Normally I will do a large out and back along the parkway but if something happened, I couldn’t phone P to come pick me up. I also decided on coming back to my house at the halfway point for water and a washroom break. It really helped to break up the run. It honestly did not feel like I was running for almost 2 hours. I ran the first 8K in just under an hour and the 2nd half in about 56 minutes. My pace was really really slow for the first 12KM – I could have a total conversation and wasn’t out of breath at all. I did stop once to talk to a family who asked about the path. I also stuck with 10 and 1’s but for the 1st break during both halves, I kind of forgot and didn’t break until 13 minutes had gone by. I did not feel tired at all and could have kept going. This is a big change to my last 16K run before the Ottawa Race Weekend where I bonked and felt awful after.




Saturday – Off

I wanted to run – but downpours + chariot do not mix.

Sunday – 5K Chariot run in 34:00

Standard chariot run. Despite being at almost the same pace as my 16K – this run was MUCH harder. I was breathing more heavily, was sweating and felt more tired. That is what happens when you are pushing a 30+ pound toddler! Because I had the chariot – I had to stick to the flattest 5K route I know. Nothing to extraordinary happened other than two other Mom’s saying “hey look, a running mom!” and Max telling me to “go chase” a much faster runner.


Total KM this week – 30KM (supposed to be 33)



A pretty solid week minus that awful after-Wendy’s run. I’m pretty sure I just strained a muscle on my leg with my first set of hills. It doesn’t hurt right now and did not hurt at all when running. I do have a massage appointment for this week scheduled so hopefully I can get that one muscle that is tense worked out. I have a doctor’s appointment next week as a follow up to my bone scan. I’m going to ask my doctor to write a note to get my massages covered by my insurance. I basically can get three 45 minute sessions covered – which should be more than enough to get me through marathon training.

In terms of the actual distance – 16K is the most I’ve ever done for half training, so the next few weeks of training will be interesting as I now go farther in the training plan and out of my comfort zone.  I will say that training for a half marathon again will be a BREEZE. But – speaking of that, I have no intentions of signing up for Ottawa Race Weekend’s half ever again. Registration opens in September and I will be signing up for the 10K. Next year I will probably be running STWM’s half marathon instead!

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  1. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Great job getting through the training! Hope your leg’s ok 🙂
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