NYC Marathon Training: Week 6

Happy Monday!


Another week – another pile of KM’s done!


This week wasn’t half bad actually. I did manage to go out on all four scheduled runs and only had to adjust one run. This week marks the start of uncharted territory with running for me as I have now surpassed any previous mileage with either of my last two half marathons. The most I have ever run in a long run prior to this week in a training cycle was 17KM – this week I ran 18. The next week weeks should be interesting as I will be running two 20KM long runs and a half marathon. Lots of running to be had!


Training Runs for Week 6


Monday – 6K with hills in 39:00

A much better hills workout this week! I took it a bit slower and concentrated on my form when going up hills. No shin splints this week. Nothing too extraordinary to report

Tuesday – off

Wednesday – 7K Tempo in 46:00

I had my first tempo run this week. It went well for most of the run, but because I ate an apple right before, the last 2K was a struggle-fest. You can see in the chart below that I posted last week that I had a good warm-up, then slightly increased my speed and when I was supposed to drop back down – I stopped a bunch of times. Basically my stomach was acting up and I had to stop and walk to settle things down. At least I survived and still had a decent tempo run.

Thursday – Off

Friday – 18K Long Run in 2:11


Oh, the long run. The long run this week had good moments and some bad ones. I liked how I stayed very steady for the entire 18K with my splits being very close together. No shin splint pain and the weather was perfect. The bad part of the run was that my hip flexors had started to ache the day before and they definitely acted up during the long run – especially the second half. I continued with my two-part long run where I divided up the run into two halves, taking a washroom break in between. By the end of the first 9K, my hip was a bit angry. I continued on with my run but the last 4K seemed like it would take forever. My route this wee was pretty much the same as last week, just longer. I went out to the river trail first and then came back home. I went the opposite way on the trail for the 2nd part but made another swing by the house to grab some water before finishing the last 2K. This run definitely had the mind going “you can’t do this”. Although I think it is good to have a not-as-great run that sees a bit of negativity come into play, because on race day I will be going 10K longer than any training run and so many people say that it is really your mind that can cause issues – not necessarily your body. Things to learn!

Saturday – off with a massage. 

I left the massage feeling great but promptly screwed up my hip again taking the groceries in….

Sunday – 3K in 18:37 


This run was scheduled to be a 5K but I shortened it to 3K for a variety of reasons. First off, my weeks have been on the short side and if I ran 5K, I would go beyond the 10% rule. Second (and more important) my hip started acting up right away, it isn’t worth it to damage my hip for the sake of a few KM. Third, my tummy was having none of this thing called running. I think the fact that it was 30C had something to do with that – it has been so nice and cool here in Ottawa. Most of my runs have been in 18-21C so going to 30C was a bit of a jump. I ran a good 3K and went home to eat a burger. Done and Done!

Total KM – 34KM


Next week is all uncharted territory. I’ve never run a 20K long run before, so this should be interesting. Most likely the long run will happen on Friday morning again as I’m trying to avoid long runs on weekends since they take up my whole morning. I really think the fact that I don’t have to rush is helping with the long run pace and keeping the speed right down. If Max is around, I feel as if I should hurry things up, and that is when I go way too fast for long run purposes. The next four weeks are busy but not too bad – after that we start ramping up the KM even more. That 32KM long run is going to be an experience for sure!

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  1. Amy

    Great week and good luck with the 20K long run! I am sure you will be just fine. It is really exciting watching and reading about someone training for the first marathon. It makes me want to have a first marathon all over again!
    Amy recently posted…Unofficial Boulder Trails Half MarathonMy Profile

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Running in 30C is the woooooorst.
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Elective: Inner City HealthMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      even this morning, it was only 18C but the stupid humidity made it worse. I was sweating right away. The other day it was the same temp but no humidity and it was wonderful!

      I saw a runner yesterday running in 28C with humidity and he looked miserable!


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