Thinking Out Loud Thursday #15

Another Thursday, Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linked with Amanda at Running with Spoons




#1  Summer is over

School starts up again next Tuesday. I would say that summer is pretty much over because of two events today: a) I used an iron and b) I wore something other than athletic clothes. Shocking! I am hoping that something pans out job-wise by the end of the day today, otherwise there are a few more jobs to look into. I’m not overly worried about it. Otherwise who wants to join me for Pajama and Gilmore Girls Tuesday next week?

3pm edit – finally got placed somewhere today. I’m still part-time, but part-time is better than no-time! 


#2  Desk

I am thinking that today I will clean my desk off for once. It has been a busy couple of days and my desk is a disaster. There is everything from bills to energy gels to Wall-E figurines on my desk. I really work best with zero clutter so the messy nature of my office space is getting to be a bit too much. Does anyone else like to re-organize their office space every once in awhile?


#3 Yorkville Run

Guess what?! Almost a week to go and I finally get to race again. I’m heading to Toronto next weekend to run the Yorkville Run. It should be a great race. It is a smaller race that has many perks to it. I’m also hoping that I get to see a few running friends at the race. Originally I was just going to go by myself, but P and Max are now coming as well. No big plans for the race – it is just a 5K and I won’t decide til the last minute whether I attempt a PB or just run a relaxed race and finish between 27:00 and 28:00. I have the Army Run Half Marathon just a couple of weeks later, so I’m not willing to risk an overuse injury. It is more about having fun!


#4 One last mini-vacation

Rather than going on a big trip, we went on several little trips this summer. We went to Mont Tremblant on Monday for the night for a little getaway. Max loved it of course. We stayed at the same hotel as last time. Some perks with staying in the village is that you can go up the gondola as many times as you want and you have access to a pool! We went up to the top twice. Max was also finally brave enough to swim “by himself” rather than grasping on to one of us for dear life. He actually pushed P away and said he wanted tot do it by himself. He also went to the splash pad at 7:30pm despite it being a bit chilly. The kid loves his splash pads. He saw it and starts peeling off his clothes running towards the water. Max starts swimming lessons in a few weeks.




#5 A+B 

Did you hear – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally married.


moving on…


#6 Running and Eating

I’m hoping that when I go back to work and coaching that I have more to talk about than running and eating – which is pretty much all I have been doing for the past two weeks. It makes it hard to write a Thinking Out Loud Thursday when I really haven’t been “thinking” all that much. I like routine and summer means that my routine isn’t concrete at all. I feel more productive when I have things to do. Otherwise I just spend my time watching reruns of 24 and Gilmore Girls. Speaking of 24, I really need to stop watching that show right before bed….

#7 Bone Scan

I just got back from my doctor’s – she wanted a follow-up to my bone scan report. I finally got to read the report and things are looking good. Basically the report showed that yes, I had a stress fracture on my left leg – but it was showing healing signs. The other result was that it was just regular ol’ shin splints on my right leg, not a stress fracture which makes way more sense. She said I could keep continuing what I’m doing since I have no bone pain at all. I also got a doctor’s note for my massages which means I should be able to have a message every 2-3 weeks up until marathon day – YAY!

Time to clean out the office – have a great Thursday!


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  1. Carmy

    Yay for placement! I can’t wait til you’re in Toronto! 🙂 I’ll come cheer you on!
    Carmy recently posted…Insecurities – Think out loud #12My Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)


  2. mom

    did you buy them a gift.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)


  3. Nicole

    Yay for a placement! I can’t work in clutter either. I really need to file but I’m rarely at my desk (at home) so it’s not quite a priority right now.

    Max is so cute- striping in public!

    Great update on your leg!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      haha – Yes, my boy likes to take his pants off. Even funnier, we were at my friend’s pool yesterday and he gets out going “TOILET!!” and he goes to his “spot” on the grass.

      My desk at work is always cleaner at home. One of our priorities when we move next year is to have a place with a nice office for both of us. Right now my office is also the guest room.

  4. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    I hope I see you at the race!!!
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Elective: Inner City HealthMy Profile


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