NYC Marathon Training: Week 10

Happy Monday!


So if you follow me on twitter (@Rebeccaruns), you may have seen me post a Sheldon Cooper GIF where he tosses the roommate agreement in the air. I posted that because of the weather on Sunday hampering the Army Run. But, I could probably use that GIF again to describe week 10 of Marathon training (can’t use it on here, copyright.).

Week 10 of NYC Marathon Training



This is going to be the shortest training post of all because I had a grand total of two runs this week. That is right, two. Here is what happened:


Monday – Off (I ran 20K the day before), but I did run a XCountry practice. So there was some jogging in there

Tuesday – 9K steady run. It was an absolutely beautiful day out. I ran 9K in 1:01 and felt great. No issues to report. I did stop a couple of times to take some pictures:









Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Sick with death cold 2014. I was at a XC meet and barely survived the day. I was in bed by 5pm. No running occurred except the 100m to run to an injured athlete. Thought my head was going to explode.

Friday – Sick at home, so still no running

Saturday – Really busy with picking up race kits, grocery shopping and still feeling under the weather

Sunday -21.1KM

Finally! Back out there. So why not run a half marathon? I ran the Army Run Half Marathon. More to come with the race recap of course. But I have a new Half Marathon PB – 2:15:28! I ran slightly faster than that, but my garmin died at 2:11 with 500m to go, but I always go with official results for PB’s anyways (I did a LOT of weaving, more on that later). I met my goal by having a pretty awesome negative split half. Very happy with the results! I was going to tack on some extra KM, but in the morning, I just wasn’t feeling good and by the time I finished, it was raining so heavily that it looked like I had jumped in a pool.

Total Km for Week 10 – 30.1



This week was supposed to be 39KM and was a down week, so really, I don’t think in the grand scheme of things, my marathon training is going to suffer from missing out on 9K. I still increased my long run by 1K and it all fits with my 10% increase for this week. It should be fine. I am really happy with my half marathon race as it was finally a race that seemed to work. I guess that is what happens when you train properly right?  I know 2:15 isn’t the fastest time out there, and many of you are way faster than me, but I’m getting there. What I do know now, is that I’m pretty sure I can do the half 2x and run a full, but at my 6:50 pace. Running at around 6:25 was surprisingly comfortable, but my body was aching at 18K – so I do plan on slowing it down for the marathon.

Onwards to week 11 – I’m trying to figure out where my long run is going to land because I have a 13K Beer run on Sunday that I’m helping run. Should be fun!


Stay tuned for more Army Run posts later on tonight/tomorrow.

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  1. Kristi

    I think it is amazing that you not only did a negative split (I sure didn’t!) but you also PB’d by such a large margin. It doesn’t matter what everyone else’s time is, only how you do compared to yourself. A friend of mine did the race as an “easy run” with not a lot of training – her time was my PB of 1:57. We are all in different stages of our running 🙂
    Did you like the new route? I loved it (and it was fun to see part of where we ran as a location on the Amazing Race finale!)
    Kristi recently posted…What Happens If…My Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      The PB/negative split was pure from actually training properly. I’ve always just cruised around and not really put 100% into a half training plan. I probably won’t be doing that for the marathon though 🙂

      I do like the Army Run route – especially going into Rideau Hall! That was really cool – I almost got to high five the Governor General. Sussex Drive is just awful though – I drive on that road all the time, but yesterday it seemed filled with huge hills 🙂 Amazing Race Canada was cool on so many levels – my civics students would have been yelling at the TV because we have talked about pretty much every part of that leg in class (except the rapids….)

  2. Nikki

    Nope, I wouldn’t worry at all about missing out on that run. Listening to your body is far more important. You and I are in the same kind of pace range and I think slowing your marathon pace down a little is a great idea. Start there and if you feel awesome on race day you can always speed up, right?

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Exactly! I really don’t care what my time is on Marathon day. If I take 5 hours, so be it! Actually, if I see 4:xx I will be amazed!


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