NYC Marathon Training: Week 8



Week 8 was a bit of a mix up of training because of the Yorkville Run and because it was the return to school. I did managed to reach my weekly mileage and still ran 4 days. I will take it!



Monday – 10K broken up in two chunks: 5K in 37:00 and another 5K in 31:00


Remember how I was supposed to run a long run on Monday? Well that didn’t happen. Morning long runs are just not for me. I woke up, had some coffee and breakfast and then went out. About 1K in, I knew I should return home and well, *use the facilities* (sorry, tmi – but this is marathon training). It was awful!  I did end up completing 5K but I walked almost the entire last 2.5K. I was going to go back out, but Max was clinging to my leg. So I called it a morning and went inside.

Later on in the day, I went out for another 5K before dinner while our BBQ chicken was cooking. It was hot, but it was a good run. I ran my 5K in 31:00 which is a much better run!

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – 6K in 38:00

Ok – so the first week of school messes with my digestive system. The routine changes and that really tends to mess things up for me. I set out for a 6K run right after school. I work close to home, but it is just easier for me to stick around school and maximize the amount of time I can run. There is a road that makes an almost perfect 5K loop. I set out to run a loop and add on a KM. Same thing as Monday – I got 1K in, and boom, bathroom time. Luckily over 1.5KM of my route is surrounded by available bathrooms. I quickly dove into the Tim Hortons and was back running in no time. No problems after that. It was really sunny though.

Thursday – 12 in 1:26

I only had to work 2 periods on Thursday, so I set out for a long run. I wasn’t entirely sure how long I would have, so I planned on doing more loops around the 5K route. I did change direction though. I went for two full loops, taking a break after each loop to grab some water. You bet I had to go to the washroom too. After the 2nd loop, I got a phone call saying I had to pick P up from the auto shop, so I quickly finished up another 2K to make  total of 12K. 12K was my actual written long run for this week. I wanted to do 16K but I would just add the KM later on in the week. It was really really hot out – 30C with a bit of humidity. I was covered in salt. The run was pretty brutal because of the weather. I was miserable despite running a good, steady pace. I’m glad the temperatures cooled down a bit!

Friday and Saturday – Off

Sunday – Yorkville Run 5K in 26:17 and a 4K in 25:00

More about this race tomorrow – but it is true, I missed a PB by 3 silly seconds. BUT (and more on this tomorrow), I swear I saw 25:xx on the clock when I ran past it. Figures that the one time I choose not to wear a watch, I think my time is messed up. More on the run with the race recap – but it was a really, really good race for me. I did mention I wasn’t planning on PBing so getting a very close time to my PB is pretty decent!

After we got home from Toronto, I just quickly ran out and finished off the week with another 4K. Nothing too big to report!


Total KM – 37KM


The only thoughts I have about this week are that I need to eat more vegetables and I really have to start hammering down those long runs. I have to get 20K done this week – no excuses!

oh and…



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  1. Crystal

    You’re doing great. Half the work is over 🙂 Getting in the long runs can be challenging at times. Good luck this week!
    Crystal recently posted…2,330 kilometresMy Profile


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