NYC Marathon Training: Week 9

Well, another week is in the books! Week 9 of marathon training actually went fairly well. Now I am on a mini-taper before the Canada Army Run Half Marathon next weekend. This week was made even more interesting by the fact that my coaching duties have resumed. I am currently coaching my usual competitive track group on Thursdays, but also now coach Cross Country at school. The XC coaching is way less intensive, but it still takes up time. I have never coached another Ottawa high school team before, so it was an experience! More on that later.



Training This Week


Monday – Off

Tuesday – 7K in 48:00

I ran a 7K route close to home – it was a hills workout, but rather than go up the big hill, I went up two medium sized hills instead. My calves were not feeling 100% and with a busy couple of running weeks, I didn’t want to risk a strain. Nothing too terribly exciting happened. I did take an ice bath right after though!

Wednesday – 4K in maybe 25:00 or so

This was a XC practice and I’m a bit unsure on exactly how much I ran. We ran 1000m on the track to warm up, then jogged to this park that has a “crater” with a 600m or so path around it. We went around 3x and did some running games before going back to the school. My guess is total KM was 4 – I need to bring my watch!

Thursday – Off

Friday – 8K Tempo in 54:00 and then 3K in 20:00

So the 8K tempo run was actually supposed to be a 20K long run. I was running at school and planned on running 4x on the 5K loop on this one main road that circles my school. It was nice and cool out, and the first 1.5x around the loop were great. But, 6K in I got called back to the school early to cover another teacher who was going home sick. I got called at the beginning on lunch and had to teach the next period – which was 50 minutes away. I quickly booked it back to school with the last 2K being “at tempo” pace. Oh well!

After school I had track practice again. I ended up being the last runner and hanging out with a student that was having some cramping issues. I am assuming we did about 3K in about 20:00 or so. Nothing too extensive – and lots of stopping! I should also note that because I ended up having to teach the whole afternoon, I was very disorganized for practice. My sports bra was soaked and my clothes were in the car – I was a bit late for practice *bad coach*. I ran in a regular ol’bra for practice – awful, awful, awful.

Saturday – Off

Sunday – 20K long run in 2:19

Finally, I got to 20K. Sunday was pretty cold out in Ottawa. When I started running it was only 6C (about 43F). It was overcast and there was no wind. I would say that for a long run – this was optimal weather. I know 6C seems cold, but for a long run, it was perfect. I was chilly only for about 5 minutes. Next weekend we go back into the 20’s and I’m a bit worried about that for my half marathon. NYC marathon weather should very much like Sunday’s weather, and that is great for marathon running!

I set out very slowly for my 20K – averaging around the 7:00/km pace. I tend to go out very slow for the first 1-3K and then pick it up from there. There were many runners and bikers out on the path. I finished the first 10K in 1:11, which isn’t that bad! My KM splits were fairly even. After a quick potty and nutrition break, I set back out to run the last 10K. I ran mostly on the path again. At 6K to go, I started to really pick up the speed, running the last section at what will probably be my race pace for next weekend (around 6:20-30). I felt really really good during this run. I finished the second half in 1:08 – which is a good 3 minute negative split and also the time of my last 10K race.

The long run felt fairly easy – even though it is my 3rd longest run ever. I think next weekend will be a PB race, even though I’m not planning on “racing” the half marathon. But, I think I can finally not crash and burn at 17K. I just have to remember to not go out so fast.

I went home and had an ice bath and ate Chinese food. My stupid stomach did not like me at all Sunday afternoon. I most likely did not drink enough water and got some pretty nasty stomach cramps (followed by the usual after stomach cramp business). Pretty sure that I just didn’t intake enough water. At least next week we have water stations!

Total KM for Week 9 – 42KM

This means I actually went over my weekly KM allowance by a KM – this has never happened before!

Week 9 Thoughts

I’m tired.

The mix of still in the mix of the start of the school year, numerous meetings and other school events, Max waking up every single night (except Saturday), running 3 practices AND marathon training means that I was super tired by the end of the week. On Friday I basically just sat on the couch after school and watched TV. The next seven weeks should be interesting

I felt really good this week. The long run was easy and I think that running around 7:00 is the way to go for the actual marathon day. I felt like I could definitely run for a long time at that pace. I’m sure I will be hurting though!  As I’ve mentioned before, I am curious to see how my actual sticking to training will affect my half marathon next weekend. I am treating the run as a slightly faster long run – but not going to try and go crazy and go sub 2:00. The actual goal is 2:15. But honestly, I would be happy to have a steady race where I don’t crash and burn. I do think 2:15 is very possible. It does require me to go a bit faster than I would like to for a long run, but not under 6:00/km. I just took a look at my training for the Ottawa Half – yeah, no wonder I crashed – I had only a handful of long runs. Now, in marathon training, I have run a 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K, 18K and finally a 20K – plus many more mid-range runs. This should work out a whole lot better! More on the Army Run on Thursday or Friday.

One last note – summer may be ending, but Fall running is the best!

Have a great Monday! 

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  1. Courtney @RunningforCupcakes

    It looks like you had an awesome week of training!! I feel ya on being tired, my post today was basically just me whining about how tired I am haha! Good luck at your half marathon!!
    Courtney @RunningforCupcakes recently posted…I Am Burnt Out!My Profile

  2. Kristi

    Sounds like you are ready for this weekend. I can’t believe it is Army Run time! I kind of wish it had been yesterday when the temperatures were so cool. Looks like it is warming up this weekend.

    I am still completely unsure of my strategy for this weekend or what time to expect. I think it will be another “go with the flow” run for me 🙂
    Kristi recently posted…My Happy PlaceMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It is looking like it might be a bit humid – yay :-(. I’m going with the flow – I just want a solid race. I’m aiming for 2:15 nothing too fast!

  3. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Fall running absolutely > summer running. Good luck in the half!!
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Settling into Life in NYCMy Profile


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