10 Reasons why I like Jim Watson

Today is Municipal election day in Ontario – cities across the province are voting for their next city councillors, Mayors and School Trustees. The municipal elections are different from the Provincial and Federal elections because we have to vote for a number of positions – not just the one representative for our electoral district (ex. we don’t vote for the Prime Minister). It is an exciting political day for many cities, not just Ottawa. In Mississauga, they will be voting for a new Mayor for the first time in over 30 years because Mayor Hazel (who is 93 by the way) is retiring. She has been Mayor since the city was created. In Toronto, well – we will see what happens there. Rob Ford is no longer running for Mayor, but his brother is. Should be some interesting results! Here in Ottawa, I believe that the race for Mayor will be a fairly easy one. Although some people do not agree with Jim Watson’s politics (I’m not sure any Mayor will ever get 100% support), he is a pretty popular Mayor. So for today – 10 things I like about Jim Watson


#10 – He spends time in his city

Mayor Jim Watson’s schedule is jam-packed with events, BBQ’s, fundraisers and anything else you could think a Mayor would be invited to. I am pretty sure that he tries to squeeze in as many events as possible. He will let people know where he is going via his Twitter account. A few years ago, Mayor Jim came and visited the robotics team during build season. The kids (and adults) thought that was pretty cool. There are some rumours floating around that there are multiple “Jim’s” because people wonder how he can be at so many different places!



#9 – He is the “most boring Mayor”

There are basically no scandals when it comes to Jim Watson. Yes – some people hate the new garbage rules, have issues with the LRT plans and the issue with that pedestrian bridge – but seriously – not much else there. Mayor Jim goes to work, goes to events and then goes home. Most boring mayor!

#8 – Jimson and South Park Jim

There are two cartoon drawings of Jim Watson – one as a Simpson Character and one of a South Park Character. The Simpson’s character was made into t-shirts by local Ottawa artist, Andrew King. I have a t-shirt and most likely will be wearing it tomorrow!

#7 – Planning for the Future of Ottawa

There are many plans in place for Ottawa for future years – events, transit and just building our city. Ottawa is not a big city compared to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver – but progress is being made. 2017 is a big year for Ottawa, as it will be Canada’s 150th Birthday. I’m also excited for 2017/2018 as Ottawa is hosting the Junior/Senior Track and Field Championships. Of course, all construction around Ottawa is prepping for the LRT line which will also open in 2017. I’m excited for the LRT!

#6 – He likes Suzy Q Donuts

Although I wish he would stop posting pictures of his donut purchases on social media because it just makes me hungry! I asked him if he wouldn’t mind sharing once, but he said he already ate all of them 🙁

#5 – Social Media

Jim Watson loves his social media. He is on Twitter, Facebook and instagram. I believe he started with Twitter first and then moved on to the other accounts. He is on Twitter every day and posts throughout the day. What is different about his use of Twitter versus other political people is he actually does his a majority of his own posts (I’ve witnessed him tweeting!) and he engages with his followers. Be warned though – if you say something negative or not true – he will tweet you back. His most famous twitter response was about the Pride Flag being raised at city hall during the Sochi Olympics:


#4 – His party advice

Mayor Jim Watson worked with Merivale High School and a local radio station to post “Party Advice” videos with “South Park Jim” on instagram (@JimWatsonOttawa). If you haven’t checked out his videos – do it now!

#3 – He goes to all the bake sales

Seriously – all the bake sales, BBQ’s,dinners, breakfasts – if there is a food event, the Mayor will be there!

#2 – His Campaign video

Yesterday, a video was posted on Jim Watson’s social media accounts. It is a parody of “House of Cards” and Jim’s version of a campaign video. Funny and smart – this video basically sealed the deal for many voters decisions. Watch the video here

#1 – He is just a hardworking Mayor!

All funny things aside – Mayor Jim Watson is one of the most hard-working politicians that I know. He rarely takes time off, he works all day and he is prepared for his job. Not only is Jim Watson likeable because of his community outreach, but he is also a fierce politician as well. Don’t think that he is just popular because of the amount of BBQ’s he goes to – he works equally as hard with his council and propelling Ottawa forward. I cannot see why another choice would be considered.


So make sure if you are in Ontario to go and vote today! Every vote counts!


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  1. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    He sounds like a pretty great mayor, and it’s great that he was re-elected! Also, I love how involved you are in your city and the politics. Very informed 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It is fun to be involved – I teach Civics/Politics so I do like to be involved a bit more than the average person


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