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Happy Wednesday!

With the arrival of Fall, come the arrival of the Fall Marathon season. I feel like there are two main times for marathons, Spring and Fall. Spring brings Boston, London and of course Ottawa. Fall brings Berlin, Chicago, Toronto Waterfront and one of the last big ones of the year, New York. I do try to make an effort at following everyone’s training, but this year for obvious reasons, I am paying a bit more attention to everyone getting ready for their marathons. Chicago is this weekend, and I do know a few people running it. Toronto Waterfront (#STWM) is the biggest marathon draw for Canadians and that happens the following weekend. I know quite a large number of people training for that marathon (and half marathon too!). They are exactly 2 weeks ahead of me in training and now in taper mode. I read many posts and tweets about tackling that last long run (anywhere from 30K to 34K). I’m going to run 32K this Sunday and then I shall join the taper party too!

I am in no means an expert at longer distance races, especially the marathon. I will probably share what I felt worked and didn’t work once the marathon is over, but right now I have very little advice to give other than do not break the 10% rule!

However, a number of bloggers have run multiple marathons before. In the interest of sharing some resources, here are a number of blog posts that have definitely pumped me up for the next 25 days of the running-induced anxiety fest that will be the next 25 days:


I really like Jesica, she is a marathon coach who is, as her name suggests, a bit unlady like when it comes to running. I totally thought of her when those spectators at the Army Run where telling runners to not bother with the toilet line and to just “let it go”. She run a great post (most of her posts are really well written and informative) on the mental workout runners face during marathon week. Jesica is running the Chicago Marathon this weekend, GOOD LUCK!

It’s Race Week: Mental Workout


SoCal Runner Girl

Kate is also running NYC. She is another great runner who lives in San Diego. She wrote a pretty funny post about what no one tells you about marathon training. I said yes to all of these:

15 Things no one tells you about Marathon Training 


Running for Cupcakes

Courtney is running her first marathon this weekend! I started reading her blog about a month ago. Give her some blogging love and cheer her on this weekend!

Marathon Training: Week 20 


Laces and Lattes

Another blog that is new to me. Jessica is a runner from Ontario (YAY) and has been writing some great posts lately. One post that I liked was her writing on the how not to go crazy during the taper. I am definitely struggling with the idea that I will have to run 10K more on race day than my longest long run, but Jessica (and a few others) have told me that it will be ok!

How to Taper (and not lost your mind)


Obsessive Runner, Andrew Chak

Andrew writes his blog posts on the iRun website. This week he wrote about what 7 seconds taught him. You are probably wondering wondering what that means – but for those who follow everything and anything related to the Boston Marathon, you may have heard that the cut off for the Boston Marathon time was cut-off to being accepted was 1:02 faster than BQ. Andrew was off by 7 seconds. He wrote a very heartfelt post about what he learned from his experience. Andrew is running #SWTM in less than two weeks, which is popular race for potential BQ runners as it is flat and fast. GOOD LUCK ANDREW!

What 7 Seconds Taught me about running 


Lanni Marchant

Lastly, one of the elite runners I really like following (I’m possibly a bit of a fangirl?), is Canadian Lanni Marchant. She is the Canadian Marathon record holder and racing in #SWTM again this year, the race she smashed the record in this year. I like Lanni because she isn’t just a runner, she is a criminal lawyer too! Many people comment on elite runners saying that “that is what they do, they run” – well Lanni breaks that barrier by not only being the top marathoner in the country, but also having a career as well. Also, Lanni really likes beer and burgers, so what isn’t to love about that? Lanni doesn’t post often. She recently posted when it was announced that she would be returning to #SWTM.

Surprise! Because…STWM 



Hope you enjoyed the above mentioned reads. Have fun running friends! 

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  1. Kate @ SoCal Runner Gal

    Thanks for the shout out and and now I have to go stalk all these other blogs…

    And you’re running NYC too?? I hope to see you there!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      No problem 🙂

      Yes, I am! I shall be a slower runner for sure – I’m hoping to be in Wave 3, but might be put in Wave 4. It is my first marathon! Figured I should start with one of the big ones 🙂

  2. Jesica @rUnladylike

    You are so, so sweet. Thank you for including me on this awesome list, and I’m excited to be introduced to a few new running bloggers on this list too! Good luck with your taper and can’t wait to hear how everything goes! xo
    Jesica @rUnladylike recently posted…It’s Race Week: Mental WorkoutMy Profile

  3. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub

    I love this! Going into my first marathon, I am terrified and any advice from seasoned pros is more than welcome.

    Tapering is definitely scary, I am going up to 22 miles in my training just because I felt I needed to break through that mental wall for myself but I know most people stop at 20 and they all reach the finish line.
    Jen @ Pretty Little Grub recently posted…My thoughts on marathon trainingMy Profile


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