NYC Marathon Training: Week 13

Well – the hard part is over! Week 13 marks the end of “the build” part of training and now I am in taper mode. Yes!

Now, obviously my training plan is very low on the KM/mileage side of things. But, the training plan that I created worked for me. I have absolutely no idea how people can run 100KM weeks. I just simply do not have the time for that. Although, I do have to say that the simple fact that some runners run significantly faster than me means that they do have the ability to squeeze in more KM in the same amount of time.

After completing training this week – I’m fairly confident that I will have a decent marathon in 20 days time.

Training Week 13


Monday – 6K in 38:15

Hills run – back on my usual hilly route. Looking at the elevation chart for the marathon – the big hill that I go up is roughly the size of most of the bridges except the crazy big bridge at the start and just slightly smaller than Queensboro. Next week, I plan on running up and down the Trim Road hill (the biggest of the hills in Orleans) to get a bit more of a hills practice in.

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – 8K in 53:38

I wasn’t feeling the greatest on Wednesday, so I went home after my class. I did not go to XCountry practice and just settling on going on a 8K run by myself. This was a wacky weather day with rain and sun going back and forth the entire day. I had a great run in the sun, but it was a tad bit windy. When I got home, I went for my usual post-run shower. While in the shower, I kept hearing banging and thought “what in the world is that noise?”. I came out of the shower to thunder and lightning (and apparently hail). Totally random and it was sunny when I came home, not 10 minutes earlier!

Thursday – 4K in 28:37

This run was supposed to be 8K, but weather called for only 4K. It was one of those days that 15 minutes was sunny, and the next 15 minutes was stormy. I ran my 4K with storm clouds looming. Because of wacky weather the day before, I chose not to deal with stormy conditions while running – especially since I was going straight to track practice after. As soon as the storm came in, lots of rain and wind!


Friday – Off

I was going to go out for a 4K run, but because my staff meeting went 30 minutes over, I had zero time to get out and run before having to go pick up Max.

Saturday – Off

Sunday – 32K in 3:40


The last long run before the really long run! I was away at Balsam Lake Provincial Park with P, Max and my parents/brother – so this was a good “test” of race day for the following reasons:

– obviously the travel. We spent a good 5 hours in the car on Friday.

– Testing what travel does to my digestive system (tmi…) – it went just fine (after 3 cups of coffee)

– Running in a new spot

– not sleeping in my own bed

I set out on Sunday afternoon to run 32K in 5K loops (with the last loop being 2K longer). It was pretty much the same loop every time on a country road that had nothing but park signs and trees. It was boring to the max. Yes, nature is pretty, but the same trees for 32K is just too much. Some random campers noticed that I was running back and forth and wondered how long I was running for. As like all my long runs, I broke up my run into loops so that I could go inside, use the washroom if necessary and leave my GU gels in the house. Once again, no music and running on my own. My Dad would randomly yell at me to go faster from the car and P tried to run with me for all of 2 minutes before he gave up. It was funny actually. I ran the long run slightly faster than my 29K run the week before. I finished the 29K run in 3:28, but finished the 32K in 3:40, which is only a 12 minute difference. The fastest I can run a 3K is about 16:00, so I was running my KM a bit faster.

I do pause my Garmin when I go inside. I have been doing this since the beginning of my runs that have gone beyond 16K, and it doesn’t seem to effect me on race day. I don’t need to rest or anything, I just do this to slow things down. So – when I post that my time for a 32K is 3:40 – it was actually 3:57 total time. My 29K was 3:28, but total time was 3:45. Both were around 17 minutes of ‘rest time’. The good news is that even if I have breaks during the NYC marathon, I could still potentially go under 5:00 judging by this long run. But, I don’t think I will need an extended break until probably KM 25 or so.

I had perfect weather for the long run. I had layers on at first – but took some layers off after the first 5K. The 5K loop wasn’t too hilly and wasn’t too flat. There was one section that had some hills that were about 25M elevation gain, but they were not bad. I felt a bit too good during this run. Yes – some ankle and knee pain, but totally manageable. I also changed my socks – I used my usual running socks with compression sleeves and no blisters! As much as I love my Pro Compression socks – they give me blisters on my left toes!

I am pretty sure I ran a negative split for this training run. I definitely had lots left in the tank and for the last 600m or so ran at 5K race pace (under 5:10/km). Then, I went inside and had turkey dinner! Yum!


Total KM – 50KM 


Yes – I know I am a bit short this week, but I really don’t think 4K is going to make any difference. I do believe in the “quality vs. quantity” method of training – and all of my runs this week were quality runs. For the 26K, 29K and 32K runs – I have negative split, had little pain and was able to add the extra 3K in without a problem. With 10K more to go on race day, I’m not worried. Yes, I will probably be in a world of pain at the end, but I’m sure I can finish the race. I will have fresh legs, crowds and possibly some music on my side. I am so used to my boring, “nature” runs that running with crowds in a big city is going to be a big change. I do have a game plan in mind for race day, but I will share the plan closer to the marathon.

This upcoming week begins the taper period. I do still have a 40KM week planned, so I won’t really feel “relaxed” until after this week. I do have to get a 20K run in sometime this week. I’m hoping Wednesday, but if it doesn’t happen because of work commitments, I will have to delay the run until Monday. Technically I have all day tomorrow to run – but I really don’t think that is a good idea because I just ran 32K and it is supposed to be humid tomorrow. Taper is not the time to run silly runs!

I’m really glad to be done with the bulk of training! These 3+ hour runs are just plain hard to schedule in! I am pretty proud that I’ve pretty much stuck to my training plan – this should lead into some “success” on race day.

Bib Numbers are being released this Wednesday – so soon I will know what village I am in – and what level of the bridge I will be on (Please be the top level!).

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  1. Nicole

    Wow- it’s really creeping up!! Sounds like you had a great week of runs. Great job on the long 32K run!! You are so ready for this race!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)


  2. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    I totally get “testing” your digestive system when traveling. My stomach is ALWAYS off when I travel. Always. Thank goodness for coffee, because it really does help. I’ve never really thought about doing a run while traveling for “training” purposes, but this is an excellent idea and way to prepare for race day.
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Guess Who Signed Up For Another Marathon?My Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I think I’m going to have to drink some coffee! Luckily they have coffee in the start villages. Luckily for the past few weeks I have had almost no GI issues. The late start of the marathon will help too!

  3. Chantel

    Great job on your training – let the taper begin! NYC is really sneaking up on people this year. I’d love to run it some day…I can’t wait to read your recap and see pics!
    Chantel recently posted…What I’ve been up to…My Profile


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