NYC Marathon Training – Week 15

Happy Monday!


This is my last training post before the big day!  NYC is less than a week away. This week will be a shorter training recap as I stopped running on Friday and called it a day. My IT band is being silly and rather than really pissing off my IT band and risk a bigger injury, I decided to stop running. IT band issues seems to be the biggest complaint for most first-time marathoners. I’ve read blog after blog detailing issues with the IT band after you make it beyond the 16 mile long run. I never even knew what IT band pain felt like until I started marathon training. For me, nothing really “hurts” yet, but I am aware of my IT band. I do get some discomfort on the side of my left knee while running – but it doesn’t really hurt too bad nor is it making me limp, change my gait or anything like that. BUT – I’m sure if I keep going, it will get worse. My IT band issues are pretty much a direct result of hip flexor and glute muscle issues. Now, my IT band is pissed off and letting me know. I did complete my 32K run with some knee pain, but (again) it wasn’t over bearing. Ask me beyond 32K on Sunday and I will probably have a different story :-). So, this week is all about resting my legs up. No more running, and taking it easy. I do not roll my IT band as it makes it worse, so instead I am working at “re-activating” some of my glute muscles, doing some stretches and just applying heat and ice every day. I am also sporting some fancy K-tape as well. I swear that stuff is magic. I have always been overly cautious about potential injuries – so I am hoping that taking it easy means I will be able to finish the marathon.

NYC Marathon Training: Week 15


Monday – Off

Tuesday – 16K in 1:50

This run was done in three parts due to my schedule. First 8K was done on my own on the streets by my school. Nice and flat, no hills and at an easy pace. The next 4K were on the paths that go in between the suburbs as I was trailing behind the Cross Country team. I let them go at their own pace, because running a 6:00/km (their long run pace) isn’t my LR pace. After then left, I finished up the run with another 4K to call it a day. Yes – I had some knee discomfort, but it wasn’t bad. After I stretched it out, it wasn’t hurting at all. That was my last long run!

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – XC Meet

Although I didn’t run a route, I did run a bunch on Thursday. We had our regional XC meet at the track – and I did a whole pile of running around. Not thinking, I wore my old Mizuno Wave 9’s and regretted that. Those shoes are no longer meant for running! I felt it in my shins more than anything.

Friday – 5K in 35:00

My goal for all taper runs was just goal race pace with 10/1’s no matter the distance. This is what I did on Friday. Knee aches were present, but I found that if I made sure I was running correctly and even ran a tad bit faster, it felt fine. No limping, no big pains, nothing too extraordinary. Again – I am just aware of my IT band if that makes any sense.

Saturday and Sunday – off

Total KM – 21K



I really hope that my IT band doesn’t totally kick my butt next week. I’ve been pretty careful about injuries for marathon training and it would really suck to have a DNF or something like that next week – especially since I am travelling for this race. Am I being paranoid and falling into taper crazy mode? Probably. Have I had an injury before that I thought wasn’t too bad? Yes! So being overly cautious is the game for this week. I could care less about my time. If I take 5:30 hours to finish, so be it. If everything holds up, I could run a 4:45.

It really does seem like the IT band is a big hurdle for most first-time marathoners. I saw this article on twitter of another first time marathoner who couldn’t finish the 20 miler long run and Courtney over at Running for Cupcakes had her IT band flare up in a bad way in her first marathon (she finished though!). Lots of advice and discussion out there!  I have changed my shoes (same exact shoes, new pair) which should hopefully help. Since streets are closed for the marathon – I’m also planning on running on the opposite side of the street as I have noticed that I can now feel slopes. Funny – I used to wonder why I saw runners running on the street, on the other side and other funny things – NOW I KNOW! I am also hoping for little wind as fighting the wind for my 16 and 18 mile runs definitely screwed things up a bit. Oh and I should try this epson bath thing – my RMT is always telling me to do that. I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t freaking out a bit. I have almost an entire week to rest and I’m sure that I will make it through.


Any of you have any advice???


More thoughts on the marathon later this week!

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  1. Mike

    Caution is good. A couple of years ago I had a bad knee which was caused by my IT band/weak glutes. If you’re covered for massage/physio, that was a big help for me. Taping helped me get through a couple of races before I gave it a real rest and did some strengthening.

    Also, the body sometimes does funny things during taper. Often they turn out to be a non-issue on race day. Hope that turns out to be the case here.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’m hoping that the whole week of rest + a side of just taper crazies means that I won’t have too big of a problem on Sunday. I know it will hurt a bit – but as long as I can continue running, I can deal with that! I ran a half marathon with an unknown stress fracture in May – I was limping 10 days before the half marathon and managed to finish with very little pain. So, that is helping me calm down a bit

  2. Kristi

    Can’t wait to hear about the race. Sounds like you have prepared perfectly to meet your goals. Well done 🙂
    Kristi recently posted…Another 10k PB – Or Not???My Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Hopefully!! I’m just hoping the legs hold out for one more “long run” 🙂

  3. Amy

    Warm epson slat baths will calm your nerves! Light a candle and relax, while drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated! You will do great. The last minute nerves, along with little niggles of injury/pain, are the worst but are to be expected!
    Amy recently posted…Weekend HighlightsMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’m really hoping it is just taper crazies! I swear that every day something else on my legs feels off. I kind of just want this to be over with already 🙂

  4. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom recently posted…Adjusting to Life in a New CountryMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Yup!!! Freaking out a bit!!!

  5. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    When I first started doing marathons, I experienced a lot of issues with my IT band. Turns out I was a pronator and running in the wrong kind of shoes. Are your shoes the right style (stability, neutral, cushion) for your feet? Give your IT lots of TLC this week. Stretch. Foam Roll. Hopefully it will hold up for you on race day. I always take two Aleve before I run longer distances and that seems to help with little aches and pains during my runs.
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…CIM Training And Learning To Take A Chill PillMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Stability shoes seem to work better for me. I had a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s and wore them too long – so I just grabbed another pair last weekend and have been breaking them in – already feels better! I also have been swapping for the Wave Riders, which are more neutral and I just don’t think marathon training is the time to go to a more neutral shoe. I need to work on my form/strength a bit more to avoid issues. I have used Advil before in half marathons (it is how I ran on a stress fracture in May….unknowingly!) – but I don’t want to risk a stomach cramp and I haven’t tested Advil out. Aleve might be a better option?

      The IT band already feels tons better – lots of ice time and rolling the neighbouring muscles. Now my muscles by my shins are being silly – taper phantom pains are real! Tomorrow I’m pretty sure my biceps will hurt 😉


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