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It is Friday! Another really quick week has gone by. It has also been two weeks since we started our drive to NYC! Wow…time flies! ┬áSince time does seem to go really quick these days, I have been thinking about my off-season plans, also known as winter training. As of right now, I am not registered for any races at all. I know I have to get on Ottawa Race Weekend as the 10K is almost half full. If you are interested in the Ottawa Race Weekend half marathon, I would suggest getting registered ASAP as it is now 68% full. I might run a Resolution Run (Running Room event during New Years), but that would be “for fun” more than anything. Eventually, I will get registering, but I’m looking at different options for 2015. Who knows, I might also win the NYC Marathon lottery…..

For me, Off-Season is all about trying to stay in reasonable good-running shape during the winter months. I’ve mentioned a number of times that winter running is not really my thing. I actually don’t mind the cold (I did run a race in -20 conditions once), but it is the ice and dark that really makes running difficult. I also need to take advantage of not being on a training plan to really make sure that I continue with my strength workouts. If I don’t fix some of my running form errors, I will just develop injuries, not speed.

What does my Off Season plan look like?

1) Running

I would like to run at least 2 times a week, but no more than 3 running workouts. In an ideal world, this would include a long run as one of those runs. During marathon training, I did notice how much easier it was to run “faster” in the 5K and half marathon when I was running weekly long runs. The plan is to keep running long runs – starting at 8K and probably maxing out at 14 or 16K. If I keep up with those distances, I could easily jump right into a half marathon in the spring/early summer. I haven’t fully closed the door on a half marathon during the first part of 2015, I just don’t want to be scrambling to get long runs in.

Unfortunately, during the winter months the path near my house is completely covered in snow and ice. I remember running a bunch of my long runs in the suburban streets in my neighbourhood. I do know of a few ways to get 5-8K done on side streets. I also might have access to a treadmill during the winter, which would make my life so much easier – especially if access to said treadmill is less than 5 minutes from my work. Hopefully what I’m working on is figured out soon!

Normally, I have access to the indoor track where my track team trains. Unfortunately they will not allow me into the track before 5pm on Thursdays. When I do resume track workouts, I need at least an hour of time in order for a proper warm-up and cool-down. My stress fracture was a result of speed workouts, so I am very cautious about track workouts. I am thinking about just buying a pass for the indoor track and going on Sunday nights when it is super quiet.

2) Strength Workouts

I have a few exercises that I really need to start doing on a weekly basis to help develop my hip and glute muscles. All of my running issues tend to lie in the butt – so I have to start working out that area. My core probably needs a bit of work as well, but I did notice the other day that side planks were much easier! I also need to work on my upper body. Hello, pushups!

Going with the possibility of a treadmill, I might also have access to weights too. I usually move into the gym during the winter. I used to have access to my indoor track’s gym, but as mentioned above – not so much anymore.

3) Cross training

One goal, not only for off-season, but for the rest of my training is to have more cross training. I am thinking about Yoga, cycling and maybe even swimming. This will help maintain fitness, especially when I’m not running as much. Hopefully, if I get into a groove with cross training, it will seem effortless to add cross training into my training schedule.

4) Eat More!

I noticed last night how much food it took to keep my tummy happy when I’m out and about on a track night. I had breakfast (donut and yoghurt), lunch (soup and pasta), and 2 dinners (grilled cheese and a pear with chocolate almond spread for one diner, pasta with ham and peas for 2nd), along with a slice of pie and popcorn during TV night. It is hard to get snacks in when I teach two periods in a row – but I think I need to create a snack drawer in my desk. I do so much better when I’m constantly eating. I have no clue how some people can do all these workouts and barely eat anything. I’m all “GIVE ME FOOD” 90% of the time….

So that is that – my plans for off-season. I’m trying to go with the post-marathon high and keep at it. Honestly, long runs that are under 16K don’t even seem to be long anymore. Therefore I am really excited for whatever half marathon I choose to run for 2015. I hope to see another fantastic PB!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Ah, winter running. Definitely a challenge in our part of the world. Good luck!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      gosh darn it Canada!


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