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Happy Friday!


Just a few photos from our trip to NYC last weekend – I did not get to do all my traditional “New York” things that I like to do when I visit NYC. Other than running in the marathon, I did not visit Central Park, no museums, no Statue of Liberty tour. Really, the only “tourist” places I visited were FAO Schwarz and the 9/11 memorial. The 9/11 memorial was my only priority place for last weekends trip, as the last few times I have visited the site was under construction. P and Max did get to go the Museum of Natural History.

First off – Max got to go on many train rides! ┬áHe was asking on Tuesday when we were leaving for the day “to go on train again”



Our hotel was just 2 blocks north of the Empire State Building, and we had a great view of the building from the room. Every time we passed by, they kept asking us if we wanted to go up. Been there, done that. Random fact – I have thrown up at the top of the Empire State Building (tmi and a long story)….

Max loves the tall buildings. He stared at the Empire State Building for a good 5 minutes on Saturday night



We visited Times Square once and then checked that off the list. I actually hate that area of NYC. Max got to say hello to some NYPD that he saw from a mile away, so that made his day.




Our hotel was really close to Macy’s. Because of the high cost of the marathon – no shopping this time!

IMG_1043 (1)


I really like the Pax chain of restaurants in NYC – P and Max ended up going there on their own too. Yummy breakfasts! I had a salmon and cream cheese bagel!



Finally, on Monday morning we were able to make it down to the 9/11 memorial. We did not go to the museum (huge lines), but we did walk around the site. There were lots of marathoners there.







P didn’t really like NYC at first – but after Max and P had their day on their own he said that the city was really cool. It is really busy and crowded, but once you get past that, it is truly a fantastic city. My weekend went by way too quickly. Maybe we will go back in the summer!

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  1. Mom

    Yup, I was there when you threw up at the Empire State Building…. Good times!

  2. Nicole

    I definitely want to go to NYC some day. Looks like such a cool city.

  3. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Gorgeous pictures! And I’m with you – I haaaate Times Square (that’s a bit dramatic, but I’m sure you know what I mean)

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I will always take a first time NYC visitor to Time Square once – and then dash out of there ASAP, unless a Broadway show is in order


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