Thinking Out Loud Thursday #23

Another Thursday, another Thursday Thinking Out Loud! Linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.




…. American Friends!

It seems that Thanksgiving is a much bigger deal in the US than here in Canada. Multiple days off work/school, a parade and of course, Black Friday. In Canada, we like to keep it simple and just have Turkey+pie! I’m really craving a Thanksgiving dinner right now. I wonder if any restaurants around here have a dinner special on tonight? I could just go to the Work’s and order a turkey burger!


#2 Who knew that would work

I went for a short 4K run on Sunday and went out too fast and therefore did not feel good. It was just a miserable run. I laughed that I found 4K hard, yet three weeks earlier I ran 10x that amount. Also, my IT band felt tight as well. I was not a happy runner camper. Yesterday, I went out for a 5K run. I used a cadence beep app on my phone to let me know what my cadence should be at. I also concentrated on leaning forward from the ankles and keeping my core engaged. Funny enough, the run was much easier for me. I was only a few seconds faster, pace-wise, but the effort was significantly less. My IT band didn’t hurt at all. Are you surprised? I am not. I have also been doing all my hip/glute exercises too. Funny that all these things help!


#3 US Adventures

I went across the border the other day to pick up a NYC Marathon finsher’s shirt from the UPS store. The NYRR store only uses UPS shipping and to ship a shirt to Canada would cost a significant amount for shipping as well as duty fees. So it was cheaper for me to ship the shirt to the UPS store and drive across the border to pick it up. This is a great option for anyone who is stuck with shipping concerns. It costs $5 to do this and you need to declare what you have picked up at the border. Sometimes you might have to pay taxes, sometimes you don’t. If I shipped directly to Canada, you bet UPS would have charged taxes as well as a brokerage fee. Since I was in the US, I felt that I should go to the Wal-mart and get some beer and yogurt (priorities). The cashier asked for my ID and promptly laughed because she thought I was 16 years old…..

This is my shirt – I shall wear it tomorrow!





#4 Planners

Since the new year is just over a month away – it is time to start thinking about 2015 Planners. I do use a paper planner for day to day stuff like supply work, general organization and work items – but I do use my iCalendar for important dates/appointments as it is shared with P. For the past two years, I have been using a Plum Paper Planner. The planners are really nice, but lately I haven’t been using my planner as often as I used to. So I am trying to figure out whether it is worth the cost to buy a 2015 Plum Paper planner, or just go back to my old Moleskin planners. I should also really get into using my phone more. iCalendar is much nicer than it used to be. It is just something about a paper planner that makes time management seem more real?


What I am using now that I haven’t before is a paper workout journal. I purchased the Believe Training Journal and have been writing all my workouts in the planner. Not only do I write what I’ve done, but I also write about how I’ve felt. Previously, I would only write about distance/pace – not anything regarding pains or discomforts. I think in my very first half marathon training cycle, I actually had some IT band issues, but didn’t realize it at the time. Now, I would like to keep track of what is going on so that I can either fix what needs to be fixed or stop freaking out if I feel a tiny owwie while running.




#5 Christmas list


I have not going to write a Christmas list for runners post – I have before and there are plenty out there for you to read. My suggestions would be exactly the same thing. BUT – if you do have a runner in your life that you want to buy something for, you really cannot go wrong with a basket full of socks, GU Gels (or their fave brand), Running apparel gift cards and a running related book. Maybe even purchase a bib for an upcoming race. I would love all those things! Plus a new Garmin….in purple. Thanks, Santa!


#6 Vanier Cup!

I almost never talk about Football on here – but it is a big weekend for Canadian University Football this weekend. It is the Vanier Cup this Saturday and my alma mater, McMaster is in it. I cannot go to Montreal to watch the game, but I will be watching the game on TV. I’ve been watching McMaster play for the past few weekends and the games have been exciting – especially when McMaster beat Ottawa U, haha! When I was in first and second year, I used to go to the games almost every week. It was fun! Go Mac Go!


Time to get ready to go for a run and then to track! Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Carmy

    Loooooooooove the top. So much. I NEED to renew my expired passport so i can get stuff shipped there!
    Carmy recently posted…Think out loud #17 – I’m not good with ChangesMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      WHHATTT??! Go do that! I think you are a bit farther from the border than I am – BUT at least your border has all the American things. If I lived in Toronto still, I would probably go often to Buffalo. Especially shoes! So.much.cheaper.


    Your running gift short-list was spot on! It amazes me that it could be cheaper to hop across the border to pick something up!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It can be! Some things are not as cheap and not worth the drive. But shoes – seriously….$150 in Canada, $80 in the US. Even if they make me pay the taxes, it is still a steal. A 12 pack of Sam Adams is $14 at the Walmart, I pay that price for 6 here in Canada – and they are special brews I cannot get here. The border town I go to is filled with Canadian cars ;-). If they opened a Trader Joes, I would go insane!

  3. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Ah I love that shirt! And very smart idea with crossing the border. Not overly practical for living in Newfoundland haha, but definitely for you in Ottawa! 🙂
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…In The Mood to Embarrass Myself…My Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      lol nope 🙁

      But maybe you will be closer to the border for residency!


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