Workout for Professional Development Day

TGIF!! Not much on the agenda for this weekend – but I do hope to sleep in!


This Friday is a PD Day for all the schools (except maybe the French schools) in Ottawa.  We had an in-school PD Day, and because I am only part time, I only have to attend part of the PD day. I wanted to be at the meetings at the beginning of the day and then right after lunch, so I had a bulk of time free. I figured I would go to the gym and do some running drills and body weights. But, the gym was completely locked and I didn’t have a key. I went back to my office and was about to go to the community centre that is attached to the school when my friend said he would let me into our cardio/weights room – a room that I did not know existed before. Sweet!

I had about 45 minutes of free time so I ran through the following workout:


PD Day


My warm-up was just an easy 5 minutes on the treadmill at 16:00/mile – super, duper slow


The rest of my drills are common running drills I do with my track team, and some specific drills that were given to me from my PT to help with some of my leg/hip/glute imbalances. I have listed a number of drills on this post and this one.  Ankle Hops and taps are as simple as they sound. You basically hop on either both feet or one foot – being careful to not hop on your toes, but land mid-foot. The taps are the same movement, but you tap the ground with one foot. As you tap, you bring the leg up into an A position then back down to tap. Alternate taps mean you switch legs with every tap. Some of my track kids have problems with this drill 🙂  I did a few arm strength exercises using 10lb weights. I hope to make my way up to maybe 15lb weights next time! After that, I had only enough time to get a mile long run in at 10:30/mile at 1% grade. Treadmill running just seems awkward for me – but it wasn’t all that bad!

Something new for training is writing down my specific workout details in a training log. I know I do use DailyMile, Garmin Connect and this blog to write down my training adventures – but I never really wrote down how I felt or anything about injuries/pains. So, that is a new initiative I am planning on sticking with for the 2015 season! I am using the Believe Training Journal by Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas. You can see it on the bench in my photo below 🙂

Soon it was time to go back to more meetings. It was good to get a workout in at school though. Maybe I should frequent the weight room more often now that I know it exists!


Have a great weekend!


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