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Well – as you may have realized from my tweets and my post from last night – my blog had a meltdown last night. There was an error in my theme and that prevented me from even logging into my site. I use a template theme from ThemeForest, which I alter to fit my liking. The way I fixed the issue was to go into my c-panel and just delete the theme. My blog went blank, but at least I was able to log in and quickly switch my blog to one of the free templates available on WordPress. I am still using a free theme, and it isn’t that bad – but I still am not 100% satisfied with the layout. I tend to like a boxed layout with a right sidebar. My knowledge of CSS and that sort of thing isn’t the greatest either. But I will keep looking for a template that I like.

Do any of you even look at my blog without the use of Feedly, Bloglovin or email?

I read all my blogs via feedly, so unless I comment, I don’t really see what people’s blogs look like. I like simply blogs, and no pop-ups. I might not even purchase a new template. Who knows 🙂


For those who follow the Ottawa Race Weekend twitter/facebook pages – the Half Marathon is officially sold out! The 10K is the next race that looks like it well sell-out. If you are interested in Ottawa Race Weekend – the time is now to register. The race will most likely be entirely sold out by mid-January. Usually once the half marathon sells out, the rest soon follow. I am registering for the 10K!  Hope to see some of you there!


In other Ottawa Race News – the Sporting Life 10K is making it to Ottawa for the first time. The race has been happening in Toronto for over 10 years, but now will have an Ottawa location. The race is scheduled for Mother’s Day 2015 and could be a nice replacement for the former “Mother’s Day Race” that used to be run by Somersault Events. If you register early, there are gift cards from Sporting Life and Saucony to be put in your swag bags. The race is only $45 which is a steal for a 10K. Nice! The race is a fundraiser for CHEO and if you register and fundraise $100, you will have a race fee refund! I will most likely be registering for this race as well.


One last Ottawa Race news bit – The Army Run will be held on Sept. 27th and registration will open on Feb. 4th. They are even increasing the size of the races for 2015. That 5K will be crowded!

What races are you looking forward to for 2015? 

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  1. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    I love seeing what people’s blogs look like! That’s what I like about bloglovin’.
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Weekend in SydneyMy Profile

  2. Marsden

    I do read the blog directly from your site, and it looks fine to me. Looks like a lot a great races coming up in Ottawa. May just have to plan a return trip

  3. Jessica

    I use blog lovin. But I actually go directly to your site. NOOO worries – i didn’t see it was down.

    I am most looking forward to BOSTON in 2015!
    Jessica recently posted…Runners Not Running: The Off SeasonMy Profile

  4. Jane @ 50statecanuck

    I eventually read from your site, but I get a notification through my feed and what’s wrong right now is that your blog has no title in the feed – it literally says, [no title] where the title should be so you don’t know its yours until you click and go to your site! :((

    I heard that the half was 90% sold so I’m not surprised it is not sold out but WOW!!! I was so disappointed with Ottawa Race Weekend’s inability to organized 13,000 runners that I will not do it again until they figure out how to do a corral system that actually works. I do love race weekend here so I hope they sort it out soon. And reading that Army Run is increasing its size is making it unlikely I will do it either in 2015. There are too many other big races out there that can do it right so I know Ottawa can do it!
    Jane @ 50statecanuck recently posted…RnR San Antonio recap and my adventures flying home.My Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Oh my goodness! Thanks for letting me know! I shall fix that up. I deleted the title because I had the logo up and thought the 2x “Running.Food.Baby.” looked silly. I was wondering why some of my blogs in my Feedly had no title – now I know!

      The ORW corrals are a nightmare. Last year the half was split into two waves, and I was in Wave 2. Plenty of time to hit the portapotties and then get in line. But the 5K/10K is a disaster. Apparently they are going to do the same system that they did with Army run with releasing a corral every 2 minutes or so, but they have said that before and it didn’t happen. Plus, everyone just goes everywhere and in the 5K and 10K and I do some serious weaving for the first KM. NYC was sooo much different. I didn’t feel crowded at all, despite this year’s marathon being the largest ever!

  5. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    I use Bloglovin, so I get to see what everyone’s blogs look like. I like your new color scheme and layout – looks clean! ☺ In 2015… I am looking forward to IM Canada the most!
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…California International Marathon – A Great End To My SeasonMy Profile

  6. Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner

    I registered for ORW half as well. I admit that while I LOVE the atmosphere of the weekend it isn’t actually my favourite race. I think I might just be getting bored of the route even though I know it is a gorgeous course. So far I haven’t had too much issue with the crowds, other than a few years back when I ran the 10k – I swore after that one that I wouldn’t do it again as it was way too congested and I couldn’t get to the pace I wanted until well into the race. I think with the half marathon I don’t worry as much if I don’t get to my pace in the first few kms.
    Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner recently posted…Check Out My Article in Running Room MagazineMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I haven’t run the 10K since 2012 – so it should be interesting going back to that race. The rumour is that they will do the rolling start that they did with Army Run – I hope they do! I should be in the 2nd wave. I didn’t find the Ottawa Half too crowded, but I was also in the second wave!


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