Max at 3

Yesterday was Max’s 3rd Birthday. We had a small party for him yesterday and he even made his own cake. He has lots of “building stuff” toys and wanted to play with them at 6am. Last year we did not have a party or anything, so Max thought the balloons and Cars decorations were pretty cool. So what is Max up to these days? I am using some topics that Nicole uses for her kiddies:


Max update at 3 years


His sleep routine changes every once and awhile. As of right now, he naps during the weekdays at daycare and then doesn’t nap on the weekends. When he doesn’t nap, he goes to bed by 8pm – if he does nap, it could be 10pm before he finally falls asleep. He isn’t fussy or anything like that – he just doesn’t want to go to bed. Right now his bedtime routine involves “snuggle time”, a story and then he says “Go away, please!” and promptly puts himself to bed. Last night he didn’t even want us in the room. He sleeps through the night, sometimes has nightmares and wakes up anywhere from 4:30am (like today) to 8am. Usually he likes to wake up and just sit in bed for awhile.


Max eats food. That is pretty much it. He tries almost anything and eats what we eat. He like chicken, ham and burgers for meat choices. But I would say his favorite meal is either chicken noodle soup or pasta. There are not too many things he doesn’t like and sometimes he just doesn’t like something for a day and then will eat 50 of them the next. Yesterday I noticed that he was grabbing himself some crackers and dipping it in hummus. Sometimes he loves hummus, sometimes he doesn’t! He likes his sweets too, but don’t try to give him too much ice cream – he will actually tell you “too much, too much!”.


All his teeth are in – and he will soon go to the dentist for his first visit. He likes doctors – so I’m sure he will love the dentist too….hopefully…


He runs everywhere. Max also likes scooters and those bikes with two wheels but no pedals. Most likely he will get his first bike in the spring. I sometimes take him to an indoor playground that we have a pass for. In the early part of the year, he needed help getting up and down some of the elements, but now he can run around the whole place. I may have lost him a couple of times (don’t worry, kids are locked in to the place and cannot leave). Max also likes to climb things. We are finishing up swimming lessons this week too. He can totally swim by himself with a life jacket on and he is *this* close to being able to fully swim on his own. A couple of times that he has jumped in with no jacket he has been able to swim and pop his head up.




Dark blond – our hair colour almost matches, which is kind of freaky. He loves getting his haircut and doesn’t like his hair to be long. If it gets too long, he will yell “MOM HAIRCUTS” every time we pass the mall.


The poor lil guy tries to make friends with everyone. He has no fear when it comes to joining in with other kids. I probably should get him into some sort of play group or something like that. His favorite toys are anything cars related, anything that he can built with and dinosaurs. Max is also an outside kid and would rather spend an hour digging around in the dirt/snow then other things.


Max’s speech is getting a bit better, but sometimes it is really hard to understand him. Sometimes Max will speak in gibberish, sometimes a very clear sentence. He is very polite and knows his manners, sometimes. He also says things like “Hey guys – settle down!” or “Mooooom – stop the car!”


Max is over 30lbs but his exact number, I don’t know! He wears size 3T and 4T clothes depending on the make. I don’t dress him up – so it is basically pants and a long sleeved shirt.


Max is a very cheerful kid who just likes to play and eat food. Max is very independent these days and would rather do things himself. Sometimes he even closes the door for some “alone time”. Although he is sometimes shy, he will eventually talk to anyone. The cutest is when he goes up to someone, shakes their hand and goes “Hi, I’m Max!”. Max does have a bit of a temper – especially when we have to do something he doesn’t want to do, or when his block towers fall down. But honestly, his temper tantrums are nothing. Any stranger that has met him thinks he is the most polite, organized and cutest little boy around. I think one of the nanny-service people we have had to call when I have had a childcare emergency was going to cry when Max blew her a kiss when she left. Too funny!

Current Faves:

– The Planes Movies

– Minions

– Colouring

– Playing cars, trucks

– SNOW – omg the snow….

– Netflix (don’t judge…)

– Cookies

– Going to the museum

– Haircuts and spa treatments (nail cutting)

– bath time

– lunch time

Current Dislikes:

– Me asking him if he needs to go to the bathroom 2000x a day

– Getting up early, unless it is his decision

– Combing his hair

– When I say he cannot help

Big Changes

I’m not even sure when was the last Max update – but the biggest change has been toilet training. His daycare “mom” and I decided a couple of weeks ago to fully start with potty training. I started over a weekend and we continued the trend into daycare on Monday. Basically the system we used was: big boy pants during the day, ask Max if he needs to go often, use M&Ms as a reward, diaper during sleep-times. So far only 2 accidents! He even goes on his own. Sometimes he doesn’t want to go to the bathroom, which is when the M&M’s come in handy. But to be honest, even some weekdays when he doesn’t want to go to daycare, I have to bribe him with candy (don’t judge – again).

Max has also become more cuddly lately. He was known for not being cuddly at all when he was a baby. He just wanted to go and be free. I would try to put him in a carrier and he would try to leap out of it!

Max is becoming very independent and wants to do all the things we do. He really likes to help cook/prepare meals. He knows to be “very careful” when cooking and listens well. He even yells at me to “stop following!” at the mall because he just wants to stroll himself. Lately he even puts himself to bed by himself…..


The next baby thing we have to get rid of – and really the last – is the pacifier/soo-cee. He only has one when he sleeps – but oh my, will that be hard to get rid of. I am figuring that might be a Christmas vacation job.


Happy Birthday Max!!!


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  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    Happy birthday, Max!!!
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  2. Nicole

    Happy Birthday Max!! This is such a fun age!! I just love their personalities! What I don’t understand is how he can say “too much” to ice cream!?! Haha!!

  3. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Happy birthday (again)! Loved reading about your little man 🙂
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Hiking in the Blue MountainsMy Profile


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