Weekend Fun – Museum and Movies

Happy Tuesday!


Since it was Max’s Birthday Weekend, we decided to go to the Museum of History/Children’s Museum because they had a Bob the Builder exhibit. Max loves all things construction and Bob the Builder, so I figured it was a good idea. We went on Saturday, which happened to be the very last day that Max did not have to pay for admission. I might pick up a membership for the year since it isn’t that expensive.


Max enjoyed the Bob the Builder exhibit very much. He didn’t want to leave. The museum did a good job with having lots of things to touch and play with.

IMG_0163 (1)

The rest of the Children’s Museum is still great fun. It is a “Around the World” concept with very realistic toys. Even I like playing in the bistro and farmer’s market section!





P also found Terry Fox’s van!



We went to the other exhibits as well – mostly on the first floor. I had been to the Museum before, but only to the Children’s Museum section. I still haven’t been to every floor yet.







See this guy – he was in a corner and Max thought that he was VERY scary at first. Max was all shaking and “WHAT IS THAT?”. We told him it was “Dumb Dumbs’ Brother” (you will only get that reference if you have seen Night at the Museum) and then it was ok. We passed through that section twice, and on the second go, Max sat down and had a talk with Dumb Dumbs’ brother.



Can you see me?



That night my Mom, P and I went to see Mockingjay. It was the first time I had been to the movies since June. I thought the movie was pretty good. A few things were different from the book, which happens for every book to movie transition. I don’t really want to wait 11 months for the next movie to come out. Also, unlike the last time I went to the movies, I wasn’t racing this weekend and could eat popcorn! YAY!

Best part of the popcorn meal, besides the butter was the Mockingjay key chain that came from the combo. It is now on my car key chain.




Which museums do you go to in your area?

Have you read The Hunger Games Trilogy? Seen the movies?


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  1. Jane @ 50statecanuck

    I only JUST saw the first movie and I liked it way more than I thought I would!! Want to read the books now!
    Jane @ 50statecanuck recently posted…Abby as Miss December, the “pain face” and the blow-up dude I missed.My Profile

  2. Courtney @ Running For Cupcakes

    I thought that fruit was real at first! It looks quite tasty haha. I haven’t seen Mockingjay yet but I really want to. I just rewatched Catching Fire so that I will be ready to see it!
    Courtney @ Running For Cupcakes recently posted…A Christmasy Weekend #2My Profile

  3. Liv @ Healthy Liv

    I’ve read the books and seen each movie twice now. I realize that makes me sound like the world’s biggest Hunger Games fan, but I’m really not! I like it, but I’ve had friends that wanted to watch it every time haha!
    Liv @ Healthy Liv recently posted…Chocolate Peanut Butter BuckeyesMy Profile

  4. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    That looks like so much fun! Ottawa has some great museums (I loved the war museum).
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Hiking in the Blue MountainsMy Profile


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