Winter Running Report #2

Happy Wednesday!


It is a “snow day” here in Ottawa, which just means buses are cancelled. BUT, it isn’t even storming outside. The school bus people who make the important decision thought it would be freezing rain all day. It is not….

Anyways, my last running report was on December 1st, so I figured I would tell you all about my latest and greatest training activities. There has been some running here and there, but as of right now, I am not running. I went to the gym to run a treadmill run, made it 2 minutes and had to hop off because my right hip started hurting in a bad way. I tried again the next day and same thing, hip pain. I’m pretty sure I just have a muscle strain, but why I do is beyond me. So, I think running is done for the next couple of days to rest up my hip. I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before – another reason I am glad that I am writing in my Believe Training Journal these days – so I don’t forget!

Training December 2nd – December 17


December 2 – Nothing, rest day!

December 3 – 5K in the snow!

It was a fresh layer of snow and I decided to run in it! I ran 5K that day and it was really hard. I had a bit of shin pain from all the moving about, but it was a good run. Great temperature to run in too! I love it when the temps hover around zero.


December 4 – 2K around the track

I didn’t have my usual track training, so my coaching friend and I just ran around the track a few times. Nothing too special.

December 5-10 – absolutely nothing

Eek – that seems bad when I actually write the dates there. BUT – it was just a busy weekend and week and I didn’t have time nor really wanted to run/do anything. So I didn’t. Yay off-season!

December 11 – Track workout

Rather than a track workout, I had a long jump workout!  We started with the usual warm-up activities and then went through a bunch of long jump drills. I learned that I am still very weak in several areas and that coordination is not my thing. Oh well!

December 12 – 4K run in the snow

Hey look! Another snow run!  That is now more snow-runs than I have ever done in winter before. I actually wanted to go longer than 4K, but the snow just got too much. 4K was hard enough. Might as well wear weights on my legs, because that is what it felt like.


December 13-14 – Nothing

December 15 – Gym Workout

I finally started up at Goodlife again and went to the gym on Monday. I tried to start on the treadmill, but that ended real quick. I went on the rowing machine for 5 minutes and then did some assorted weights, focusing on the arms.

December 16 – Gym Workout

Again at Goodlife, tried the treadmill again and nope, not happening. I decided to hop on the stationary bike for 15 minutes and then did some strength training. My hip doesn’t hurt other than while running. It is fun being back at Goodlife. I’m hoping to go to a new classes soon – including BodyFlow, I miss that class!


I am happy to have access to a treadmill and gym again!  Perfect time too because now that I have a slight injury, I still have many options available to cross-train. Working out on the stationary bike was still hard work, but less impact. Running in the snow is hard, but I still want to get outside every once and awhile. The first week was pretty busy for me, but (and I will detail more tomorrow), I have had a slight job change which should mean more consistent and regular workouts now that I do not have to leave Orleans again for the rest of the semester. I am very frustrated with my hip as I have no idea why it is hurting. I cannot remember if maybe I twisted it or something when I have slid on some ice, or if Friday’s 4K was too much in the snow? No clue!

In the next couple of weeks, I want to work out at the gym more. It is becoming very apparent that certain areas are weak, and in order to get faster, I need to work on those areas. I do have a physical assessment booked for tomorrow, but I also have some personal trainer friends if I need some help developing a strength training plan. I also think cross training will make things better too.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

Do you cross train?

Do you have a personal trainer/Coach?

Do you know what happened to my hip?

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  1. Crystal

    I do a lot of crosstraining in the winter – mostly crossfit and some swimming. It’s really tough running outside in Red Deer because our city’s slow plowing program isn’t that efficient. It’s more a headache to run in knee deep snow on the trails. Ugh. But with that being said we don’t; have a lot of snow right now. Been running outside lots.
    Crystal recently posted…Melanie: I am a RunnerMy Profile

  2. Heather @ Run Eat Play

    You guys have so much snow!
    I hope you figure out what going on with your hip! I had hip surgery in July and am still recovering. I had a bone overgrowth and a torn labrum. My hip and quad always hurt when I ran.
    Heather @ Run Eat Play recently posted…Peppermint Hershey Kiss Sugar Cookie RecipeMy Profile

  3. Jessica

    I love cross training with cross country skiing, cycling, swimming and weights. Obviously running wins everything but my coach makes me switch it up to stay strong. Solid training week, lady!
    Jessica recently posted…Adventure Racing and Vegetable BrowniesMy Profile

  4. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Reading about your training makes me motivated to get back at it, so thank you! I need to get a gym membership haha.
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Hiking in the Blue MountainsMy Profile

  5. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    I love my Believe training journal, even though I haven’t been running post marathon. It sits there waiting for me to run again. ☺ I hope your hip pain gets resolved soon so that you are able to run again pain free! I’ve been told that hip, leg, knee pains are often associated with imbalance in strength, where one area suffers while others get stronger, causing the body to adjust. My coach always suggests that I strength train and work on balancing my body.
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…The Value of a Coach – Or Why Every Luke Skywalker Needs a YodaMy Profile


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